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360 FNF: Mazmar Plays By His Own Rules Edition

There's been alot of talk about Mazmar as of late. He has infact become sort of a cultural icon 'round these parts. However I'd like to take a brief look at the actor whose portrayed Mazmar through the 5 Chronicles Of Mazmar films, Clintmeleon Eatsworms. In 1966 Mr. Eatsworms broke out in the 1964 Spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone as the Reptile with Shedding Skin in A Fistful Of Flies, the tale of two warring factions out to control at town and oddly enough a barrel full of Flies. When asked about the strange use of flies, and how it would only really pertain to his lead actor Leone responded with "It just works". Never questioned again by his artistic integrity Eatsworms and Leone would go on to make The Reptile With Shedding Skin a Legend in the Western films, rounding out his Flies Trilogy with For A Few Flies More and the renowned masterpiece "The Good, The Basilisk and The Chortly" which featured Oscar nominated performances from Lee Van Cleef and Dom DeLuise as "Chortly". It was however the 1971 classic Mazmar that would gain Eatsworms his biggest claim to fame today. Staggering through 5 films, playing a tough as nails San Fransisco Cop who plays by his own rules Mazmar embodies what we wish law enforcement could be. When we asked director Don Siegel about what makes a Lizard Man, wearing human clothes acting as a police officer (who by the way, plays by his own rules) so special, Siegel responded with "It just works". Clearly these men know what they want from Clintmeleon Eatsworms, and he delivers every single time being a 9 time Oscar winner for his various aformentioned roles.

Game(s): Castle Crashers/TMNT 1989 Arcade/Streets Of Rage 2/SSFIV/MvC2
Host/Gamertag: Char Aznable (GT: ShinigamiBV)
Time: 8 or 9pm EDT till whenever

Let me know what you'd want to host or what games you'd want to join in on. If you see someone hosting something similar to what you'd want to host/play be sure to throw a friend request/game invite their way. Also, for this I'll be updating till as late as 5pm EDT so get your hosting requests in before then.
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