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Two Games: Silent Bomber and Intelligent Qube

“Mathew,” they’d say. “What’s a good game I haven’t played?”

Usually, I’d respond “Parappa the Rapper”. But that’s not the case here.


There are two games I don’t think many have heard about. Both for the PSX, they were games hidden among other greats that got more attention then they did. (Like how timesplitters 3 > Halo 3, but no one ever paid attention to that!)

Intelligent Qube

This is a very simple game. Destroy blocks. Don’t destroy black ones. Destroy Green and destroy extra. Simple, yet addictive and challenging at the same time. This game I wouldn’t be bothered if other pirated it, because I believe only 3 copies of this game were actually released. I’ve done my research. No one in this world has ever said “I’ve played that RETAIL game”. All I’ve seen on websites were “I’d play that demo 9001 times! Then the demo broke. CRUNCH! I’ll add it to the heap.”

In fact, this game might be a myth. Maybe ISO releasers of it just finished the game for the developers. Who knows? Either way, this game is great.
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