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Short Blog: Here's the Plan (Suggestions Needed)

Short Blog: Here's the Plan (Suggestions Needed)

Greetings and salutations! If you are reading this you probably wandered here by accident. I won't pretend you have heard of me or regularly read my drunken ramblings writings, as the chances of that are slim to none. I have only written a couple of blogs here at Destructoid and most were posted few and far between. This changes now....

This week, I have decided to devote some time to my blog and actually begin writing regularly for it. My current plan is to write an episodic series based on some aspect of my favorite game genre: RPGs (vague premise, I know). I considered doing a series on classic RPG troupes. Every week would be a new troupe, steadily working my way through some of RPG's most infamously common conventions. However, the longer I entertained that idea, the more it began to sound too basic to actually get people excited to read it every week.

Here is where you come in. I have decided to leave the fate of my episodic blog series in your hands - sad, lost, person who was probably looking for someone else's blog when they clicked this one. For the next week or so I'll be taking suggestions for the theme of my RPG related blog. My favorite idea out of those suggested will become the topic of the blog series. In addition, the winner will get a devotion to them in the first blog post for the series. Just think, a paragraph worth of ass-kissing from me, all because you took the time to write a few lines of suggestions for poor, uncreative me.

If by some miracle the blog series ends up getting popular, I'm not opposed to creating some special events. As a lover of RPGs, I have lots of beaten, possibly rare RPGs sitting under my desk with no one to play them (they are so lonely *sad face*). I wouldn't mind giving a few away to some luck readers that will actually play them. So suggest some possible RPG games you would like to see as prizes as well.
In sum, I am looking for three things

1.) Blog series suggestion (must be RPG related)
2.) Contest Suggestion (what contests would you like to see and what prizes)
3.) Faps a-hoy!
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