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Medal Of Honor: I bet you�re tired of hearing about it.

Nation, I�m sick of hearing about this. Fox News pushed me to make this blog purely about how Medal of Honor isn�t doing a bad thing here.

I know plenty of people are pissed about this, and for some of you it strikes home. But no matter what, a War game will "strike home" for somebody. So I�m not telling you �Don�t feel bad, don�t be bothered�, just don�t make such a ruckus out of it.

WW II games have existed for so friggin long. I don�t remember any games where you play as the Nazis, true, but the feeling is still there. WW II was still such a tragic time for discrimination and scapegoats. Although you don�t see it in WW II games, the feeling is still there. And because you can�t just �see� it, people don�t complain. It�s making a game out of a serious, violent event. Yet let�s ignore that, because that doesn�t matter. It�s not happening now.

I�m not a big fan of South Park, but they occasionally make good points. For example, they say that it takes time for something to lessen the seriousness of it.

So if MoH was making this game in the future, after the war, a LOT less people would complain. Guaranteed. But still, all in all, it�s just a game! It does take influence from real-life events, and it offends people, but what war game doesn�t offend Someone? Even Halo offends aliens and humans.

Playing as the Taliban wasn�t the smartest move for MoH, but for such an�extinct series of games, what better way to boost sales? Although everyone talks negative about it, everyone knows about it by now. So if you walk on a street and say �Medal of Honor Taliban� hundreds of people will be like �Yeah, I heard about that�. And there are still plenty of people like me, who don�t give a shit, and realize that it is just a game.

Now if playing as the Taliban meant you controlled a real life Taliban and whoever you killed in game was killed in real life, then YES, WE GOT A PROBLEM.

I�m getting this game, because I feel as though it will be a good FPS, because I�ve played some previous. Call me a demon, devil, or Taliban soldier. I don�t give a crap.
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