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I know what happens in Bioshock: Infinite (aka SkyoShock predictions)

I know everything about Bioshock, being Atlas and all. So let me reveal exactly how the plot will twist.

- The character, Elizabeth, is what keeps the city floating. Without her it will crash.

- Andrew Ryan won't have anything to do with Columbia.

- It will crash and be destroyed after Elizabeth is removed, or she will die when removed, or both.

- Someone important from Bioshock will have a cameo appearance.

- The main character Booker, will jump to his death at the end of the bad ending after Elizabeth dies and Columbia is crashing to the ground.

- In the happy ending both survive and Columbia crashes to the ground.

- There will be too much white, red, and blue. Too many baddies will be dressed like Uncle Sam.

- The man who approaches Booker turns out to want to destroy Columbia, and knows it will be destroyed by the removal of Elizabeth.

- The city will probably be under the rule of someone who is hyper-religious and trying to bring on some sort of apocalypse by using the massive armaments on Columbia to fulfill some kind of prophecy.

- The city probably was seized by this person and hid it away to fulfill some other prophecy.

- Plus, this ruler has probably sent that guy (or maybe it even was him) to see Booker to get him aboard to fulfill yet another necessary prophecy.

- Plasmids will be re-imagined as some other cheesy thing that grants super powers.

- Booker is really being led into a trap and Elizabeth is leading him into it, whether she knows it or not.

- There will be a separate faction that aids the main character, possibly betrays him

- That giant mechanical thing with a heart was once a man, now he works for the ruler of Columbia as some kind of mind controlled organic robot you might be able to free.

- The giant mechanical crow gets fucked and crashes. It's probably ridden by some guy or remote controlled.

My rejected plot twists

- Brigid Tenenbaum is the person who created Elizabeth, kind of like a precursor to Little Sisters. (unfortunately Tenenbaum was born circa 1930 according to Bioshock Wiki).

- Andrew Ryan is the one who approaches Booker, since he wants Columbia destroyed since it represents a lot of what he hates. (According to BioWiki he was in Russia until 1919 and was influenced by autocratic rule and communism).

- Atlas is Fontaine

*If any of these come true I will somehow have pulled answers out of my ass two years before the game is even out, therefore making me psychic. Also, I realize some of my predictions conflict with each other.*

Feel free to add your own. Lets see how they stack up two years from now.
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