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The dudes online.

I love playing online. I think it�s a great experience, and it�s even better when you�re playing with friends.
From what I�ve seen, most users play with people they know in real life or have some kind of relationship, as it feels more fun. The thing is, I don�t have many friends in real life who have a PS3 AND play online often. I only have 3 real life friends with a PS3. Two of them have no internet, the other one plays at hours I can�t play. I have probably played like 5 times with a real-life friend.

So, as I couldn�t play with people I know in person, I started playing with dudes online.

I made a really good friendship with a guy I�ll name Dave. I met Dave on an Uncharted 2 deathmatch and some time after Modern Warfare 2 came out, I started playing with him. Then, Dave started playing 3rd person tactical. I cannot express how much I HATE that mode. Everybody camps (especially Dave) and never goes for the damn objectives. As I was the only one doing what had to be done, I was killed a bazillion times, of course I raged a lot. Dave never wanted to change game mode, even if I asked him. So after a bunch of 3rd person games with Dave, I decided I wasn�t going to play MW2 with him anymore.

Then, I started playing with a guy I�ll name Russ. Everything was cool and fun (no 3rd person games yay!) until, I met his real-life friends (in online of course!). One day, he invited me to his MW2 party, we were like 5 people. We played one game and it was all good, and then one dude asked if I was a girl. At the time I didn�t own a microphone so I replied a message saying yes, obviously. Then a guy told Russ NO WAY, and Russ kicked me from the party! He then wrote me that he had to believe his friends because he knows them and he hasn�t met me. What. A. Dick.

I guess he has the right to do that, but his excuse was totally lame. I mean, he played with me all that time and one friend tells him it�s bullshit and suddenly he doesn�t want to have anything to do with me. Jerk.

After those events, I didn�t play with an online friend anymore, because you know, I�m a sensitive gal. (Entering college may have influenced too, but it doesn�t sound as dramatic as I wanted.)

I just couldn�t understand how someone could be so selfish and not consider another member�s opinion in a party. The point of a party is that everyone in it has a good time playing, so why couldn�t he think of my misery and help me have a good time too?

The thing with Russ made me realize that the sex I claimed to have actually mattered! I think that�s the most stupid shit ever. Why does it matter in online gaming? It�s not like I flirt or act all weird online. I guess some guys just can�t accept that females actually play videogames online (though I still don�t see how that�s important).

Well, I�m sure there are a lot of nice people online out there who I hope to meet, I guess they�re just not in MW2 :P

Wow, that was a long post. Sorry, I was letting it all out, I�ve never told that story before!

Have you guys ever had a douchey, online friend?
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