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"What? No, I'm saving it for later..."


So I reach the final boss of Fantasy Hero IV or some other RPG, right? I'm like a level 50 elven templar or something and I've got this Sword of Light that comes with a totally sweet effect. My character has really high stats and the optimum build for dishing out some serious damage. My allied units are also maxed out and ready to take on this final boss.

I start the fight, die about thirty times and just can't seem to do it but eventually, I power through and finally beat the boss. Feeling pretty chuffed with myself,I decide to go and brag to a friend and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hey man! I just beat the Demon of Death on Fantasy Hero IV!
Him: Niceee. How hard was it?
Me: Dude, you have no idea. It took me like thirty attempts.
Him: What? Weren't you healing or something? You should've had loads of revival kits from the King's treasury.
Me: Yeah man! I had like a hundred of those things but I didn't want to waste them. I was saving them for later, you know?
Him: It's the end of the game so no, I don't know.

And suddenly I realised the error of my ways. I was so eager to be prepared for anything difficult that I was actually under prepared. Here are three instances in the past week where I realised the error of my collecting ways.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem is a pretty straight forward game. Equip a unit with a weapon and send them to attack another unit. The game is pretty generous with rare items as most bosses drop a good quality weapon and each map has plenty of villages and chests. However, I never wanted to waste these precious items, so I just stored them away on the convoy and [-]suddenly[-] (actually, it wasn't very sudden at all), I realise in Chapter 27 that everyone in my team is using rubbish E grade weapons whilst all my A graders are collecting dust with a fat merchant. Even if I start using them now (which I didn't...just incase), 90% of them would still be with me when I finished

Dragon Age: Origins

After hours of playing, I had finally gathered my army and headed off to Denerim to take on the final boss, The Archdemon. One of the bonuses of amassing the army was that I could call them for help should I be struggling and let me assure you, I struggled a lot. Every district took me countless deaths before I finally cleared them and all the while, I refused to call my allies incase it was difficult later on and I needed them. I finally reach The Archdemon and thought to myself "Alright, time to put my allies to good use!"

I lost 47 dwarves in total. A tragic loss for the dwarven community but on the upside, all the elves, humans and mages got to celebrate living through the war!

Pokemon HeartGold

Elite Four defeated? Check.
All 16 gym badges? Check.
Every legendary pokemon caught, including the three dogs? Check.
Did I use my Masterball? Che-Oh, wait. It's still there. Well...I caught everything else worth catching (after hours of patience with those damn dogs) but I guess it's a good thing I saved this masterball for erm...Sweet, a graveler!

By now you're probably thinking "Cool story, Gil. What's your point?" so here it is. I'm sure I'm not the only person to do this and that's because it almost makes sense. I don't want to end up finally hitting a stage in the game where I'm not prepared because I used all of a certain item.

However, there is also a point where it becomes counter-productive. I get angry with games sometime and upon reflection, most of these previous irritations could have been countered by just spending some money or using a certain item to make it a little easier. I constantly have to retry certain parts of a game because I was too stubborn to just help myself. I'm not trying to make the game difficult but in my own stupidity, I force myself to struggle through. It's pretty ridiculous and that just about sums it up I think.

Use your items people. If not for your self, do it for me.
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