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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Console (Kingdom Hearts x3) & Hardware Edition!

Dag yo! So, itís time for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! This is yet another ďspecialĒ edition per se, as this is a console and hardware edition. Once again, this is all the stuff that Iíve gotten since like January that Iím finally getting around to posting. *sigh* -_-Ď Iíve got a triple dose of one of my favorite series, in the form of Kingdom Heart, a Japan only PSP-2000, a Metal Gear PSP bundle that was only released in the US, a few other odds and ends, and finally this post will end with some MAHVEL BAYBEE! After all is said and done, after this post, I now own 3 different iterations of the GameBoy Advance, 3 DSs, and somehow a mindboggling 4 PSPs . . . >_< Enough chitchat! On with the show!

So, this is actually the most recent thing Iíve gotten. I decided to post these first three in order of their release date. Iím a pretty big Kingdom Hearts fan and have followed the story pretty closely. With that said, Japan gets all the cool exclusives like this one, so here is the Kingdom Deep Silver Edition GameBoy Advance.

Iím a big fan of ďshinyĒ things and this picture doesnít do it justice, but the back of this GBAís box is all shiny and smooth and so pretty . . . hahaha! It also has some crazy moonspeak on it, which I canít read worth crap, and just assuming it says the boxís contents.

Here we have the contents of the inside of that lovely box. First of all, we have the moonspeak version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories up top. Next to it we have a screenwipe that hooks to the little loop on the handheld with Soraís face on it, then underneath that we have 3 cell phone charms (whatís with Asians and cell phone charms? o_O) featuring Sora, Goofy, and Donald. Might I mention how pristine looking the manual and cartridge look? ^_^

Damn that is one sweet design! Besides being a two toned GBA, it has some stylistic, graffiti-like art on the top of the handheld that just looks great! For those who canít read it, it says Kingdom Hearts, with a crown and a heart drawn as well.

Silver on top, black on the bottom. I like the two colors. They complement each other very well. As you can see on the bottom corners of the handheld, you have both sides of Soraís face facing each other and itís been etched onto the system. So awesome! Iím quite happy that I finally got this elusive system and that it has completed my trio of Kingdom Hearts systems. Just for good measure, I tested the GBA with another pretty elusive and kickass game, Jet Grind Radio!

Well shit! Now we have the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days DSi. A little backstory goes with this one, as I was super pissed that I missed the pre-order for this when it was initially announced a year or so ago. I thought I wouldnít have a chance to get one at a ďreasonableĒ price, until I saw at PAX last year that PinkGorilla had one for sale in their glass case. It was the ever so affordable $400 . . . of which I was actually somewhat kind of tempted to buy. Alas, it was bought by someone else during the late afternoon of Day 1 of the convention (I checked back on it like 4 or 5 times during the day). Long story short, I eventually found a somewhat reasonable priced one on eBay, which brings us back to today! =D

Here is the back of the box of the DSi. Thereís more pictures on it compared to the GBA, one it isnít shiny, which makes this a little less impressive in my books, hahaha!

Once again, this picture canít do it justice, but Japanese DS games (well, at least Square Enix ones) are so awesome, since the game artwork is printed on like glossy paper that has like shiny/reflective shapes embedded into it. On the Itís a Wonderful World DS that I also imported (the Japanese version of one of the BEST DS games and games period, The World Ends With You) game case, it had circles, while on this one it had stars. I guess you guys will just have to trust me on this one.

Mmmm! Thatís one sexily designed DSi! Iím quite fond of the patterns and designs they used for the layout of this DSi, as it covers all the major characters, forces, and organizations in the series. Also, Iíd say for being a checkerboard pattern, itís actually quite pleasant to look at.

Well, this here is actually the FIRST Kingdom Hearts handheld I picked up, plus I actually got this one new, since I was smart and pre-ordered it through my good friend (who can read Japanese) Zoel! I like the redundancy in the bottom right hand corner of the front of the box? Oh really? I never knew the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP was a Kingdom Hearts edition! Hahaha!

Here is the back and top of the box. The top shows off a little bit of the PSPís unique design and the back is full of moonspeak. Nothing particularly special or anything of note in this picture, I just thought I keep with the trend.

This is my still sealed copy of the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Iíve played Zoelís copy of the game he got and let me say, this is one HELL of a fun game! Youíve got multiple characters, unique abilities and ways to play the game, and the story is nothing short of awesome . . . that is if youíre a Kingdom Hearts fan and have been following the story pretty closely up to this point.

Well would you look at that? Itís a nice sleek silver PSP-3000 with a nice little, subtle, and very well appreciated Kingdom Hearts symbol just under the four main buttons. This PSP is already better than the generic one that North America is going to get, which apparently may have sticker decals that will make it ďlookĒ like this one.

Once again, this PSP takes a page from the DSiís design, with the symbols and emblems of all the main characters and such from the game. Itís much simpler this time around as itís only on the side panels of the back of the handheld. Once again, Iím quite happy with this and I think itís safe to say that Iím pretty happy with my current collection of Kingdom Hearts related items.

Goddamn! This is PSP number three (I had a generic black 1000 from a few years ago), which is a Japanese imported Mint Green PSP-2000. I actually received this for free as a gift from a good friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. Itís a pretty unique color and has like little shiny silver specks in it, which makes it that much more appealing and shiny! =D Thanks mate! So freakiní appreciated! d(Ď-Ďd)

Itís a little scratched up on the back, but for getting it as a gift, Iím not complaining. Yet another sleek and sexy item to add to my ever growing collection. ^_^

So, I owe a HUGE thanks to my mate Wry Guy! Due to his connections and the fact that he also lives in the United States and I talk to him quite frequently, he managed to pre-order possumwrangler and myself the USA exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Big Boss Pack PSP! Iím also quite a big Metal Gear fan and while the normal PSP bundle is pretty sweet, I couldnít pass up the even more awesome Big Boss Pack! You guys donít need to say it, I know Iím a tard . . . -_-Ď Itís freakiní retarded I have four PSPs! I mean, I could see maybe DSs, but PSPs? *sigh* >_<

This is just the bottom of the box. I thought Iíd show it off, since I found it hilarious at the number of logos in the bottom right hand corner. I seriously donít think they have enough there! =D

Voilŗ! Here is the back of the box! As you can see, it has a pretty badass picture of Big Boss. Not only that, it has a nice visual of all the contents of the box. You have the exclusive carrying case, the kickass camouflage PSP, the 4GB memory stick, as well as 2012 and the game itself. Plus, apparently thereís a FOX T-Shirt and Stealth Gun code in the box.

Since this was sealed and Iím not sure if Iím going to open it or not, I just took a close up picture of what the PSP looks like from the picture on the back of the box. Thatís a pretty sweet looking PSP if you ask me! =3

On to some other stuff now! From the greatest store in the world, Cash Converters, I bring you a box of a Panasonic FZ-10! My initial thoughts were ďfuck yeah!Ē but little did I know . . .

While there was a console in the box and it came with all the wires and a controller, albeit no game unfortunately, there was something glaringly misleading . . .

Awww what the hell? Itís apparently a Panasonic FZ-1 that was in the box! o_O While this isnít necessarily a bad thing, since I wouldíve still picked it up regardless, it just bugs me a little how I have a box for an FZ-10 but donít have the console to go with it! Oh well! I guess I have to start hunting for Panasonic 3DO games!

Seriously? What CANíT I find at Cash Converters? I managed to come into possession of a boxed PAL PlayStation! It even came with the little adapter thing so that it converts the console and the wires into the right frequency and all for North American televisions. I mean, I didnít need a PAL PlayStation or anything, but for the price and the fact that it was complete, I couldnít resist.

This is the back of the box. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor, but I found the diagrams on the back of the box funny, since they had the instructions of how to hook it up there instead of in the instruction manual. =)

Now for some good old hardware, in the shape of a Sega Genesis Arcade Power Stick. One guess where it came from? =P It has some crazy settings you can put on and . . . well . . . itís an arcade stick for the Genesis!

Well, this completes my Genesis now, in terms of all the add-ons and stuff. Now I just need to find some games for this 32X. Also, for any of you who have a ďcompleteĒ Genesis, is it me or was Sega RETARDED for requiring the Genesis, Sega CD, and the Sega 32X all require THEIR OWN power source? Seriously? Who actually has like the room for THREE brick power supplies on their outlet?

More miscellaneous ďhardwareĒ I picked up. My bud Diamond Dave from Cash Converters (once again) said I should pick this Merlin game up for its vintage and like age. Itís from 1978, so itís definitely older than me and it apparently plays like the little Simon handheld memory game. It was cheap, and Iím retarded, so I bought it. >_<

This is what the unit looks like out of the box. It uses an obscene number of batteries, which I assume donít last long, but itís an interesting little thing to play around with for a few minutes.

Last thing from Cash Converters! I swear! You want old school gaming consoles that preceded the NES? Here is one of them! A WORKING Bentley Compu-Vision! It is ghetto as hell! It works though and while we were testing it at Cash Converters, Iíll have to say that my bud James that also works there, is TERRIBLE at Pong! He got ruined by both Diamond Dave and myself! Hahaha!

Iíve been waiting to post this thing FOREVER! As I stated in my last blog, Iím a pretty big fan of MAHVEL BAYBEE! With that said, I couldnít resist, so I broke down and got the Marvel vs. Capcom FightStick: Tournament Edition for PS3. This is the front and bottom of the box, showing off such favorites like: Wolverine, Ryu, Iron Man, and Mega Man! Iím STILL trying to find a PHYSICAL copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for PS3 . . . so if anyone has some leads for me . . . PLEASE help!

I just thought Iíd stick with the trend, and show the back and the top of the box as well. Nothing overly special minus showing off some features, but it does have some artwork of: The Hulk, Zangief, M. Bison, Magneto, Jill, and Storm.

I freaking LOVE how Capcom designed for this thing to be ďopened,Ē as the front of the box has two flaps (Wolverine and Ryu) that stay closed due to magnets, but can be opened like such to reveal the fightstick behind a plastic shield and makes for a very nice display. Youíve also got more character artwork with Strider Hiryu and Spider-Man making their appearances.

Here is the close up of the artwork on the fightstick (Iím not opening it up until I get my physical copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or until Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds comes out), which features all the characters on the box, and might I add, looks super SIIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKKKKK!!! That is some hella balliní artwork right there! So freakiní awesome!

Well shit. That does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! I have way the hell too much stuff and am definitely pushing the limits of ďput away nicelyĒ to ďclusterfuck of shit.Ē Those were all my big console/hardware items since like January or so, but I think I seriously may be caught up and up-to-date with this ďseriesĒ by the next blog or two. I have some super sweet stuff planned for the, so stay tuned. Until next time, latez mates!
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