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All-Star Podcast records Saturday (Chad, Colette, Stella, Brad N.)

Saturday, Phase 1 of Ronathon will commence. I will be hosting an all-star podcast with Colette Bennett, Stella Wong, Brad Nicholson, and Chad Concelmo, which will be made available as a 99 cent downloadable purchase with every damn cent going to Ronathon in support of Lv99Ron and his family.
If you don�t know, Ronathon is a multi-tiered fundraiser to help our friend Ron after his scary surgical ordeals. To get you caught up, check out his fantastic blog post about his experience: I�ve come to far to die now

We�ll be talking about the future of DLC, PAX advice, and a myriad of topics. Please leave me some questions and ideas for topics in the comments. This is very exciting and I�d love your help in making this the best podcast it can be. I have it on good authority that Lv99Ron has turned into a warrior due to this news, as this helpful photo reference shows.

Thanks everyone!
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