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Why FPS Games should stick to fictional wars/conflicts

You have five seconds to name every video game that takes place in WW II, GO!
Now name every video game that takes place in a war against Makarov in Russia, GO!

I�m a big fan of the idea of having fictional wars in video games. Okay, the only one that really sticks out in my mind is MW 2 and Halo. But of course halo is fictional, because we�re not fighting aliens. Yet. Why have fictional wars? You ask that? Lemme break it down.

1. Better story, usually.

The idea is that having a WW II game has a generally crappy story. You�ve heard it the same story quite a lot. Hitler is evil. Nazis are evil. So the game needs no superb or outstanding writing. By showing Nazis, you say �They�re Nazis, so they�re evil�. They don�t have to establish the fact that they�re evil, they just are, because they�re Nazis. And that�s how the games usually work out. And they�re something new. I�m in 11th grade, and if I hear one more story about WW II, I�m gonna explodonate.

2. No Offensive crap..

(Points to the new MoH.) Although stuff like having Al queda in video games doesn�t bother me, it bothers quite a few people. And there�s no need for that. Of course though, by making any sort of war game, you�re gonna offend SOMEONE. Except Halo. But it�s definitely worse when you include an Actual terrorist organization into a game that will be in the hands of millions of MoH fans.

3. The ability to do so much more.

If you base every FPS game on WW II, Cold War, WW I, etc, then you have limited things to work with. Put it into the future, and your limits are limitless. You can fight zombies, aliens, robots, evil cheeseburgers, etc. You can wield time manipulating devices (Singularity).

So what�s what bothers me so much about the next CoD game. Base it off of the cold war? What was wrong with the Modern Warfare Franchise? The cold war wasn�t really even a �war�. It was a staring contest among countries waiting for conflict to break out, which really didn�t happen for the most part. Sure they might have been fighting involved, but for the most part, it wasn�t at the same �War� level of Modern Warfare 2. Yet ActivisionTreyarch seem to think it�s worth a dive. I don�t. If the formula works, change it, but not that drastically. You do that, and well�You get crystal bearers.

And yeah, I pick on Crystal Bearers a lot, because there�s no way such a great company could fail so badly.

And with MoH, you�re taking a war, which really isn�t a war, and making it into a war game. We�ve already won, but I don�t want to discuss politics/war. And I don�t think MoH has tried a fictional war yet, though I may be wrong. But they could give it a try for pete�s sake.

And Halo could try an actual war. Just for lulz.

And if you can catch my Plants vs. Zombies reference in this here blog, I applaud you. I�ve been playing the GOTY edition, which was dumb. I already had the normal version. But at least I feel better about achieving things.
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