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Why we shouldn't complain about high prices for indie games.

I have reading a lot of debates around the internet lately, a fair deal of them related to the game Limbo, more specifically its price tag of 1200msp. Its been making me think about the current state of gaming, and why people complain about high price tags on games.

Lately I've been playing Limbo a lot. It is truly a great game. In fact I would go as far as to rate it in my top 20 (at least) games of all time. There is one striking problem that a lot of people see with it though, and that's not with the game it self per se. Many people complain about the price (1200msp.) Although due to the quality of the game it is really a non-issue, but it makes me angry that people don't appreciate that indie developers are the last bastion of pure gamers left in the industry.

If we take a game like Modern Warfare 2, which has sold a lot of copies throughout the world, and compare it to another game such as Castle Crashers, a (in my opinion) underrated and overtly brilliant indie game. Modern Warfare 2 on release cost me 40. Looking back on that, I'm not really sure what I paid for. The single player took me around 5 hours to beat and I'm not the best at shooters, so for someone more experienced their playtime would most likely be a lot less. From what I've read most people are under the impression that Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is it's strong suit, but I beg to differ. It is in fact a buggy, overrated mess that has fooled most critics into believing that it is deep and has much to offer. On the contrary, I sunk about a day into it, and was left wishing I could gain it back. The only small redeeming feature was Spec Ops, and while that was entertaining with friends, on my own it tended to become stale fast. It really pains me to see this game consistently in the game charts.

Now Castle Crashers is a game I really enjoyed. The side scrolling beat-em-up was one of my childhood love affairs, playing Power Rangers on the Genesis with my cousin when we were kids was all the entertainment we had, and Castle Crashers brought an element of that back to me. It made me very happy to know that there was still developers that catered to the old style of games, rather then the high budget, but low depth games of today. I would gladly pay double for it.

Compare Modern Warfare 2's price tag of 40 to Castle Crashers tag of 1200msp (or around 12.) Castle Crashers has almost too much replayability. Being able to play as a multitude of different characters, each with their own abilities made playing online a different experience every time, while Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer although having many unlockables, overall was pointless and added little to the game itself.

Essentially the price that a developer set's is the price they set. All the whining and moaning in the world won't change it. The price that the developer of Limbo set is that price for a reason, not because they are money grabbing fat cats, but because they are an indie developer who has managed to get a break in a sea of corporate developers who's only aim is to extort their prime audience, and shake them down for all the money they have.

Many people complain about companies such as Activision, and EA saying that they only reason they publish games is to make a profit, and they are correct. The only pure form of gaming left is games created by indie developers and if people continue to complain about a so-called high price tag then eventually these types of games will no longer exist on consoles, and all that will be left will be games that exist solely to extort you of your money.
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