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PAX stickermania: I have 100 stickers I want to give to you people.

Hopefully no one freaks out and tells me to make a forum thread instead of posting this here. I've done that already. And I'm making a cblog mainly because I want to be inclusive. I know that overlap between cblogs, forums, twitter and irc is actually rare.

The story is this. I made a similar design for the Astro Headset contest, and decided I actually really would like a high quality sticker of it for my laptop and a few other things. When I went to order them, I found out I could get quantities of 100+ but it is actually difficult to find a place that will print just 20.

So. I am ordering 100 of these stickers, my own design, 4 inches in diameter, on extremely durable sticker paper - suitable for boats and cars and outdoors in general, so stick 'em where you want 'em.

Can't do flasks this year unfortunately due to funding issues but this is significantly cheaper so it'll have to do. If you're coming to PAX, I'll have them there. I am asking for ONE DOLLAH per sticker, just to cover the cost of printing. I've been known to be venal, though, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages that are offered to me, so feel free to bargain on that front.

If you require shipping and feel like donating to the cause, paypal works - let me figure out the best way to ship them (I'll pick up a bit of hard cardboard to make sure they don't get bent) and then let you know how much it'll be. I'm thinking it'll just be 1$ a sticker and 1$ for shipping, regardless of how many stickers you get. PAYMENT IS OPTIONAL FOR ALL DTOIDERS. That's how I roll - and it's not like Destructoid is mine, so I don't plan on making any money off of this.

Holla if you want one. If you can't make it to PAX, shoot me an email with your mailing address and hopefully I can mail you one after that weekend. konavisual[at]gmail[dot]com - I'm going to try my BEST to get a sticker to everyone that wants one. Sorry in advance if this takes a little while.

Not sure what the interest in something like this might be, so just went with 100 to start, and we'll see where it goes. A few other people are also printing stickers - if you are doing so, bring it to PAX and we'll trade stickers!!!! I'd LOVE this to be something that a bunch of us do. I don't see why not.

Here's the design.

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