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Hi-ya! ...I mean, Hiya!

Hey! My name is Mike and my internet alias is mjw282 and I am a brand spankiní new blogger here at Destructoid. This is my obligatory introductory note and in an effort to make it seem more interesting for the both of us Iíd like all of you to go ahead and imagine that I am talking through a large stereo system, not three feet from your head, with the volume knob turned up to 11.

Picture my voice cracking as the speakers wilt and jump at the sound of my nasal, yet charming voice. Imagine I am invading your brain with an army of subsonic minions that shake your skull and whisper sweet nothings into your disgusting diet-coke shriveled brains, by which I mean no offense, I mean, as far as brains go, yours is really rather dashing, but itís a saggy, Michael Cain kind of dashing, you know, the type that you donít mind looking at, but if it were ever to wink at you in that special sort of way youíd vomit and take a bath with a wire brush. That last sentence kind of went weird on me, but itís a good time to show you what kind of writer I am, I had a fight with my Backspace key and it lost, and as punishment it will no longer be used in this hemisphere (that would be the Western, aka, Best Hemisphere) which means I will run on often. I believe this is a bonus as I and my exceedingly loud voice wonít be all patched and pretty, but raw and unadulterated, giving you the best look inside my own ugly, shriveled head. Deal? If not, my condolences to the many untold families of brain cells lost during the reading of this opening paragraph.

I am 23 years old. *Excessive feedback
Sorry about that. I work the Home Depot and mix paint, and before you ask, keys are made on aisle 12 and no, I don't know what the hell a Butt Splice is. I like to play videogames and write, and well, hopefully one day write in the videogame industry. I bet that came outta left field! I am hoping to use this blog as a means and motivation to think critically about the videogame industry and specifically videogame story writing. If I can entertain you at all along the way it will be my pleasure and we'll call it even, if not I'm sorry, like really sorry, that I wasted your time, but hey, you read it, so you're partially to blame.

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