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Hello, people of Destructoid!

I�ve been checking Destructoid for about a year and a half, but never had the cojones to actually write in my blog. Please bear with me on my grammar and spelling, English is not my main language :) .

I�m an 18 year-old girl who enjoys videogames. I�m an extremely shy person, to the point that I don�t like expressing my opinion on the internet or in reality (with people I�m not too familiar with). Also, I love Destructoid.

I like Destructoid not only for the comments they make at news posts, but also for how they integrate the community to the site. I�ve never seen another gaming site that gives that much importance to user�s posts, to the point of front-paging them. I like that they create topics and contests for the community to participate, always encouraging them to share their opinion.

But, I love the Dtoiders even more.

I like knowing what others think, and many Dtoiders say what they think. I read a lot of blog posts and comments, as they�re usually funny and/or interesting, but I just don�t comment on them (I know that makes me look like a stalker or some sick person, but I assure you, I am not). I love Dtoiders as you share your thoughts on videogames and by doing so, share a bit about who you are. It�s cool how you support someone when he or she tells a sad event, or how you insult a troll. To me, it really feels like a community.

And after some thinking, I�ve decided to be part of that community, even if my posts suck and no one reads them.

Well, that�s all I have to say for now people! I look forward to posting a lot! Have a nice day.

Note: I hope I didn�t sound like an ass-kisser or something, I just really like the site/community. Sorry if I sound dorky and weird, I�m new to this extroverted kind of attitude and to blog posting. Also, this post took me like 3 hours to write. I hope you enjoyed it!
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My name is Tal�a. I'm an 18 year-old college student from Panama who likes videogames. I like reading stuff, and even more when it's about videogames.

I have a PS3 and a Wii. I like playing shooters, RPGs, action-adventures, puzzles, everything.

I have a thing for Solid Snake and Toad. I know, weird.

My psn is: eliza0224. I'm not online most of the time cause I don't have many psn friends who I play with. Feel free to add me! (No douchebags or perverts please.)

My fave games are: Donkey Kong Country 2, all MGS, Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Mass Effect 2 and a lot others.

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