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Holy Crap!

In regards to this article. Not directly related, but just my feelings on Hardcore Console Gamers.

Went to a "Focus Group" last night for an unreleased game that happened to be a game where you shot people from a first person perspective, and the question came up, what incentive would make you want to buy this game... Some idiot (actually just about everyone but me was nodding) said, "I think promise of DLC would help."


They also asked who was going to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops (no it wasn't CoD:BO we were playing) when it came out, everyone but me raised their hands.

Hard core gamers are stupid as fuck. Most of them there thought that multiplayer gamers were in the majority, when polls state that most games are made or broken on single player content. I was seriously probably the only one there that knew the Treyarch was doing Black Ops, and it will probably be nothing new.

How do console gamers justify spending $60+tax+DLC for a rehashed video game every 8-9 months?

Look at PC, Look at Steam, look at those weekend sales where you can get great games for 75% or more off. If you stop buying crap, eventually someone will drop the prices.

I will admit I spend big bucks on Blizzard Collectors Editions, but I LOVE the art books, I consider them worth $50, but if the other 2 StarCraft "Expansions" come out for $60, then f___ you guys.[url]
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