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In a Viral Minute #4


Welcome back to yet another edition of In a Viral Minute, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and the letter S. As of the writing of this blog PAX Prime is only 29 days away, shits getting close. As you can see I have a new blog image provided by Ryu89. Thanks Ryu. If you think you can do better, by all means try.

This week I�ll start off with Splinter Cell Conviction again. Yes I know I talked about it already but I would just like to mention that I finished the Co-Op story with a friend of mine on Realistic difficulty, and let me say that it was one of the most frustrating experiences in Co-op I have ever had. And I�ve played Gears of War Co-Op with Necros. First frustrating part was the sneaking into the Russian embassy mission without being detected by the guards, and we couldn�t terminate them. That shit was annoying but doable. The next and worst frustration came from the last section of the last mission. Just getting to the office to pull off the EMP burst was a pain, then getting on the plane was even worse, that is when we discovered that Convictions co-op has the Modern Warfare 1 Veteran syndrome, or endless respawn of enemies. That wasn�t as frustrating in MW1 when they respawned in front of you for the most part, but in Conviction�s co-op the enemies respawned behind us quicker than we could do anything about. After what seemed like a hundred or so attempts at the last mission, we threw caution to the wind and basically just ran for our lives, and succeeded. Cheap I know, but it worked and we finished the Co-Op. A frustrating affair, but it was still fun, you know when it didn�t have me wanting to kill everyone at Ubisoft.

Second I would like to describe my feelings about PAX. As a lot of you know, from meeting me, talking to me, or listening to 321GoCast (Destructoid�s one and only community podcast about fuck shit nothing) I am a pretty angry guy and as you can imagine the frustration that Conviction�s Co-Op caused me was enough to take me to a level of angry that I hadn�t been in a while. So after walking away I began to think about PAX and all the awesome people Id be seeing and meeting for the first time and the anger and frustration almost instantly went away. And I think it�s because I can�t wait to be there and experience the awesomeness that is the DTOID community getting together, even if it a giant convention with thousands of people, the DTOID community somehow manages to make its presence known and can�t be ignored. PAX East was an amazing experience and was, according to those who had been to PAX Prime was only a fraction of what the DTOID community had to offer, so thanks to that I don�t think I can put into words how excited I am to land in Seattle and experience PAX Prime with you all.

Speaking of PAX, the mythical 321GoCast mystery swag is here and I must say they look awesome. Unfortunately due to pricing I was only able to afford 10 of them. So they will be first come first serve and will be sold at $3. Have to make a profit somehow. There will be a second batch coming along for PAX East, IF I can make it there. And that is a big IF. Hopefully $3 is a fair price for what they are since I�m not a rich guy or successful game blog owner, which means I can�t really mass produce the stuff so I have to be a bit pricey compared to stuff you might find in the Dealers Room at PAX. Remember there are only ten and once they are gone they are gone for good.

Lastly I wanted to tell all the people who I usually correspond with online or are accustomed to seeing me on their Gtalk, Skype, and Xbox Live to expect to not see me online until Sunday. I will be getting Laser Eye Surgery on Thursday and I have been told to not use my PC or my television for two days, to protect my eyes from possible irritation. So Thursday before noon eastern will be the last time you will see me online in any way until Sunday morning. I can�t tell you how incredibly boring it will be if I am not allowed to even read a book during those two days, here is hoping they tell me I can at the very least read. If I can then I�ll be reading a bit of Lovecraft and Gears of War: Jacinto�s Remnant. Yeah yeah laugh it up, Gears of War book, it has a story? No way!
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