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Teh Bias: Respect Me!

There are many games that I enjoy, and many that I disliked. Often the games that I end up disliking are the same ones that the majority of gamers like.

I dislike Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Kirby's Epic Yarn, all annual sports games and the majority of Mario Games.

Did the sentence above catch your attention? Did you disagree? Are you currently thinking about what you're going to write in the comments to defend the games I mentioned?

Perhaps my gaming standards differ from most of the world, but you know what? I'm okay with that.

I figured it out: I am biased toward games that respect me as an intelligent, adult gamer, and respects the console it's running on as a stand-alone system.

What does that respect entail?

List time!

Games should show respect to gamers in the following ways:

1- It should be able to run on the console, without the need for any additional accessories aside from the standard controller, to a maximum of four controllers if you have friends over. I don't want to use a plastic gun, balance board, drum set, guitar, or kitchen sink to be able to play.

2- It should not rely on a basic in-game gimmick as its main appeal. A glaring example in Kirby's Epic Yarn: Let's take Kirby, make him into a ball of yarn, and turn the world he's in into fabric.

3- It should not expect me to be standing while I play. For that matter, it should not expect me to be doing anything but sitting on the couch while I play. God help me, that's what I have a gaming console for.

4- It should not expect me to attempt to verbally communicate with my device. It's an inanimate object. Unless I'm calling someone on the phone, I have no business talking to, or through, an inanimate object.

5- It should not expect me to wave my hands around, or frequently tilt my controller around to move my character in the game. This includes party games on the Wii, and pretty much anything that cannot be translated to "press the button, use analog stick, tap on shoulder button, see desired action on screen."

6- It should not belong to a series that gets annual releases, especially not if it has the year at the end of the title. This goes for all sports titles. So you updated the roster of some teams, gave it a negligible graphical upgrade and are selling it again for the price of a full game? I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

7- It should not belong to a series that gets many releases that have no significant difference between them, which could have just as easily been updated via DLC. This may be a repeat of #6, only with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Seriously. Metallic, Green Day, Beatles, etc... why not have them all as downloadable content and get it over with.

8- It should not attempt to tug on my nostalgia. It will ruin my otherwise cherished memories of the experience I've had so many years ago, and will ultimately leave a bitter taste in my mouth when disappointment settles in, when I realize how idealized my memories were of the game. Remember it. Cherish it. Move on.

9- It should not expecting me to work out while I play. That's what I go to the gym for. I don't need a virtual trainer telling me I'm fat, or that I need to change my diet. Dammit I'm here to sit down and play a game! If I wanted some advice, I'd ask the gym instructor for a work plan, not search for health answers when I want to game. I understand that some of you aren't members of a gym. If you want to seriously work out, then exercising just a few feet away from your game library and one room away from the fridge isn't going to help you much.

10- It should not be shovelware. That abomination should not be allowed to exist. This category extends to all game adaptations of movies, TV series, comic books, anime and manga. There always seems to be something lost in translation.

11- It must treat its audience for the mature, intelligent adults that they are. It should not attempt to be too cute, sanitized or pampering. I like my games to have mature themes.

So there you go. The eleven criteria of respect. I have it all laid down. I have opened up, and shared my most personal preferences for picking up games.

This month's topic is about bias. I don't think I can be more biased that to bear my game-loving soul, with all the good and bad it entails.
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