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Teh Bias: The Five Stages of Bias


Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. These are the five stages of something that I like to call the 'Gilthalas model' (more commonly known as 'The Five Stages of Bias').

Whilst I now tend to consider myself too mature for bias (or alternatively, too apathetic), for the sake of this blog, I'll be using Call of Duty to illustrate my points as there was once a time when I would leap to it's defence immediately if someone dared to point out one of its glaring faults. It all starts with...

1. Denial

No one wants to admit they're biased. It's a hideous thing to be branded as and not something you take pride in. The second it becomes apparent you're biased, people will likely start to disregard you. This is why we have phrases such as, "I'm not being biased but...". For example:

"Hey, I'm not being biased but everyone knowns Call of Duty is better than Medal of Honor because blahblahblah."

Unfortunately, you brand yourself as being biased from the start by trying to deny it. It's a bit like saying "I don't mean to be rude but you're the fattest man I've ever seen." That sentence is nothing but rude and the tacked on attempt at softening the blow doesn't make it any pleasanter. However, this denial eventually fades away which can only lead to...

2. Anger

This is when you start to lose control of your previous composure. Where you once carefully denied your bias, due to trolling, the harsh words of a 12-year-old and your own realisation that what some people say about your favourite franchise might be true, there is only one option left. RAGE. For example:


In all honesty, everyone enjoys some quality anger but it does unfortunately lead to a heavy loss of respect. The only way to possibly win over the masses now is...

3. Bargaining

Having burnt out most of your anger, you quickly come to realise how foolish you had been. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar afterall! You still believe in your convictions but convincing an avid Counterstrike fan that he's playing the wrong series is still not easy. A change in tone might just be what you need. Something like:

"Alright guys, we clearly have different opinions but maybe you should just try Call of Duty again. You might like it more this time."

It sounds calm and collected but whilst you may stick to your beliefs, so will everyone else and no amount of bargaining will change that. Inevitably, after your constant failure, this can only lead to...

4. Depression

"Yo Gilthalas, no one gives a crap about your opinion any more. You're clearly biased and aren't being very open minded yourself. Everyone is pretty sick of your trolling and no one wants to play Modern Warfare with you."

You finally realise how futile your attempts have been. No matter how pure and honest your intentions are, everyone eventually grows tired of hearing that same broken record. Everyone can have an opinion but mayhap you were a little bit too vocal. After months of spouting your infallable logic about your superior choice in console/genre/game, you finally lose the will to care anymore. As you write emo poems about your suffering and all that, you have a revelation. This finally leads to...

5. Acceptance

The final and most significant stage. After all the painstaking effort you put in to supporting your favourite franchise on the internet, you finally think to yourself...Who cares? Certainly not you, that's who. It suddenly occurs to you that no two people are identical and the chances of everyone sharing the same taste in video games as you is highly unlikely. More importantly, you don't need other people to approve of what you enjoy, as long as you actually enjoy it your self.

But hey, did you guys check out Starcraft II yet? I'm not being biased but RTS is clearly superior to FPS.
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