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The Dragon Quest IX event: Map whores, all of you!

OK, I haven't been much for blogging this month. I blame five things: Dragon Quest IX, Persona 3 Portable, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition and I had this Alternate Reality blog I was going to do that got so big, i shelved it and split it up the pieces for other blog posts down the road.

I also had other writing projects that aren't really blog posts. Looking for writing jobs is no simple task and my portfolio is so ancient, moths flew out of it. So fresh samples had to be created. And I kinda got hooked on the Blood+ anime series, too. I Netflixed the hell out of it and the X-Files this month.

So I went out to the Dragon Quest IX Event at my trusty Winston-Salem, NC Gamestop. OK, there are five in Winston, if you were there you know the one. My character was called Hush, because apparently "The Silent Protagonist" exceeded the character requirement.

I was there to be a map mooch. I wanted maps, didn't have any to share yet, but managed to get eight maps in addition to the Zoma map from the event itself.

Interestingly, absolutely no one cared to do the multiplayer and we were mostly aged from 21 to the age where women lie about their age, even though you can tell they're 45 (yeah, I went there o.o). Being that I'm 32, I was actually the third or fourth oldest person there. We only had one kid, whom I believe was 16.

So the crowd it attracted out here was the crowd played the series starting with the NES or at least the Game Boy Color. Give or take ten years from my own age.

The most popular guy there was a fellow named Johnathan. He had a map with Metal King Slimes on one floor. For the uninitiated, that's a monster with 20 HP, gives 12,000 EXP and likes to run away like a coward even though he has insane defense stats. Kind of a big deal

Johnathan also showed us a map exploit for a particular area where other Metal King Slimes appear. Basically you can just face one direction in a certain spot without attracting enemies and you can just watch them stroll by until a Metal King Slime or Metal Slime shows up. Then there's the birthday exploit for loot, which doesn't really even bear explaining, just tweak the internal clock on the DS.

There was also swag to be had. The NOA rep had some sweet glossy posters to hand out and some DQ stickers. We were all nerds, so we happily took the stickers anyway. I'm gonna put the slime one on my Wii. I think the first person that showed up scored a T-shirt that the Gamestop employees got, which had a white outline of the slime on it.

All in all, it was a good time for all. We came, we saw, we got maps and posters. Looking forward to the next event, I just need to to check where it will be. I think our Best Buy will have the event next week, too.
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