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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Super Ultra SWAG, E3, & PROMO Items Edition!

*NOTE* Now it is fully updated and all pictures are posted! d('-'d)

Well holy tap dancing christ! Itís time for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! I have a record 99 items of swag, promo, E3, and various other odds and doodads here to share with you. This stuff has been accumulated over the course of close to half a year, since Iím THAT far behind in updating/posting stuff. >_< We have stuff from the recent E3 convention and all with some highly sought after rarities, something that was limited to only 200 every produced, some Final Fantasy XIII stuff thatís been imported, a super kickass Club Nintendo Japan item, awesome promo stuff from the AMAZING SouthPeak Chupacaubrey, some EB Games and Gamestop pre-order bonuses and awesome promotional items, some Star Wars stuff thrown in for good measure, some Starcraft II items, and much much more. So, grab a drink, maybe make a sandwich, hell, have a full fricken meal . . . letís take a look at whatíve Iíve gotten . . .

*NOTE* This stuff has been obtained though eBay, eBay friends, EB Gamesí/Gamestops as pre-order bonuses and just promo material they were looking to get rid of, friends, super awesome Product Marketing Managers, mini-conventions, etc.

Letís start this edition off with a bang! Some of you may know that Iím a HUGE Marvel vs. Capcom fan . . . to the point where I actually participated in local tournaments! Well, needless to say, when the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was official, I was just a LITTLE excited! ^_^ Well, here we have an E3 exclusive of a Limited Edition Character Print of the characters announced prior to Comic-Con. From what Iíve researched and seen upon eBay, these were actually pretty rare, but that doesnít matter, since I needed it because . . . ITíS MAHVEL BAYBEE! ^_^

Oh shizz! What do we have here? Here we have a number of E3 exclusive t-shirts, although, Iím pretty sure one of them isnít going to be exclusive as its release date draws near. Regardless, we have freaking Puzzle Quest 2, which is already a contender for Funkís Game of the Year! Next up, we have the elusive The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword T-Shirt, which was surprisingly easier to get a hold of then initially thought, as well as a nice Rock Band 3 T-Shirt with the nice addition of the keyboard.

Well, I couldnít resist the lure of some of the E3 exclusive items that were being handed out at the convention, so I had to be resourceful in getting some of these, since I couldnít attend. First up is the Kirbyís Epic Yarn Patch that is beyond cute and awesome, with a Disney Epic Mickey Pin right next to it, which the picture totally does not do it justice, as when seen close up, it looks like itís dripping paint. We also have a Sonic Colors Alien Plush, as well as a Donkey Kong Country Returns Neck Tie. Along the bottom there is a PokťPark Wii: Pikachuís Adventure Limited Edition Laser Cel and an Arc Rise Fantasia Pin Set.

Besides the Arc Rise Fantasia Advertisement Card in this picture, there is also the Square Enix, Koei, and Natsume Brochures highlighting upcoming games and have nice screenshots and artwork in them.

Well, this was just a throw-in from an auction I won, but here are the E3 2010 Show Daily brochures for Days 1, 2, and 3 from the convention. Iíll get around to looking at/reading them, but thatís a bit lower on my priority list for the time being.

Well, thatís all the E3 stuff I have (for now, hahaha), but if weíre moving on, first up is the Trinity Universe Drifterís Guidebook, which is a nice hardcover art book that was a RosenQueen exclusive bonus. We also have strategy guides for Ico and Super Mario Galaxy, the latter of which I got for free, as Iím trying to find a decently priced Collectorís Edition of it still.

Here are some pre-order bonuses Iíve picked up over the past few months. We begin with Danteís Inferno Comic #1, then a Split Second Car, followed up by a Sin and Punishment: Star Successor 500 Nintendo Points Card and Super Street Fighter IV Super Thumb Fighters (Juri vs. Chun-Li), and finally ending with a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Bandana.

Import time . . . kind of! In case the colors are blending for you, the first item we have from Japan would be the Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition]. I havenít opened mine . . . yet . . . hahaha . . . ^_^ . . . but this Limited Edition has an extra disc with some movies on it, a mini-art book, special packaging, and an extra slipcover and such. Beside the lovely soundtrack would be a can of Final Fantasy XIII Elixir, which has a lovely picture of a . . .

CHOCOBO on it! =3 Díawww! Isnít it just so cute?!?!?

So, I found this in my ďI need to record this in my collectionĒ pile that I somehow missed from November (>_<), but here is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Autographed Game Sleeve.

So, a bud of mine (Grimstar), went to a local mini-convention called Otafest, and since Iím not a fan of overweight and poorly dressed Japanime cosplayers, I just gave him a bunch of money to pick me up cool stuff. That is how I managed to get a hold of these guys. They are the Final Fantasy Mini Stuffed Monster Keychains of Tonberry, Cactuar, and Bomb! The Cactuar is easily my favorite one! =D

Here we have Kirby and Mario Stress Balls, a Japanese Professor Layton Coin Charm, and a Club Nintendo Japan Platinum Member (donít even get me started . . . -_-Ď) Game & Watch Ball handheld!

As I previously stated, Iím a pretty big Marvel vs. Capcom fan. This is quite a crowning achievement in my collection, as this is the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Mix Tape vinyl, of which there are only 200 produced! I first found out about this awesome piece of swagís existence from a contest that Destructoid hosted for Europeans only! As soon as I saw it, I knew that I must have it. ^_^ Iím quite happy with this pick-up, now onto my quest for the BioShock 2 Rapture Records vinyl and Aracadia Merlot wine bottle . . . *sigh* . . . >_<

This is Aubrey from SouthPeak! She is like the coolest Product Marketing Manager you could possibly find. She was one of the many people who ensured I had a good time at PAX East and showed off the very promising and good looking Two Worlds II. Being the supremely awesome person she is, after getting back from PAX East, she sent me a package of awesome . . . the following pictures show the contents!

Here we have a Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass Beanie, along with a Legendary T-Shirt and a Section 8 T-Shirt.

This picture is FULL OF WIN! I freaking LOVED Ninjatown and it still remains one of my favorite DS games! Aubrey was so awesome she sent me a Ninjatown Micro Plush, which ended up being the most common Zombie Ninja, but was still awesome nonetheless! Thereís also an assortment of 20 Ninjatown Pins as well, which I now have to find random places for. As you can see, thereís also a SouthPeak Lanyard, a Two Worlds Window Cling, and Aubreyís super shiny and slick business card! What an honor! ^_^

Hahaha! I had a great laugh at these items, as the first is a Prison Break: The Conspiracy Soap on a Rope (get it? Prison, soap, rope, anti-rape . . . hahaha), and the other is a Ebi (Shrimp) Sushi Flash Drive! So awesome! Thank you so much again Aubrey! Youíre the best! =3

Next up we have the Club Nintendo Mario 3-Poster Series. The first being the evolution of Mario over the years starting from Super Mario Bros. back in 1985, all the way up to 2009ís New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

This time we just have a close up of everyoneís favorite fake plumber.

Finally, it ends with a nice poster of the major Mario characters that have been part of the series for the most part all posing with their personalities shining through. *sigh* -_-Ď While this was a sweet item to order from Club Nintendo, Iím still pretty choked about the stuff that the Europeans and Japanese get from their respective clubs.

Here is the first side of The Last Rebellion RosenQueen Exclusive Double-Sided Poster showing off the two heroes.

And here is the other side of the double-sided poster with the two heroes once again, only this time around theyíre more ďrealisticĒ looking.

Jeebus I sure have a lot of posters over the last little while . . . =S Well, this time itís Tom Clancyís Splinter Cell: Conviction in poster form that I managed to snag from good old Best Buy.

Here are some promotional advertising items that were used and discarded from EB Games. The picture starts off with a Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Mini-Standee, with a Mafia II 2010 Pin-Up Calendar next to it, and then a Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pre-Order Sign.

This time around we have a Super Mario Galaxy 2 Window Cling that I got from a Nintendo Representative, along with a Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Hourglass that times like 5 minutes and 37 seconds or something, and a couple of BlizzCon 2007 Pins (Blizzard/StarCraft) that I got from a friend who didnít need/want them any more.

Well, here we have a few more E3 items that are in theory pretty darn exclusive. First off is an official Rock Band 3 Sign that was at the Harmonix booth on the televisions that the game was playing on. Thereís also an IGN Best of E3 Nominee Sign that IGN put on the games that they were very impressed with. Being a bit of an ATLUS fan and all, I was quite dismayed that we got screwed over in Canada on the Izuna 2: The Umemployed Ninja Returns Poster that was voted on to be included with the game. Luckily, a friend who was in the States managed to ďliberateĒ me this one from one of their copies there! ^_^ I forgot why I included it in the picture, but thereís also a Secret of Mana instruction manual there.

Well, I know this isnít gaming related, but Iím quite the Star Wars fan and it just so happened that Star Wars: In Concert came to Calgary, so of course I went. The show doesnít use local orchestras or anything for the concert either, as they use the travelling Star Wars orchestra that take direct orders from George Lucas and John Williams themselves! Not only that, but Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), actually narrates the whole thing as well . . . live! What we have here are the typical concert t-shirt with all tour dates on the back, as well as a super big program with super awesome film stills and screenshots!

Well . . . Iím still waiting for my Samurai DOMO Mr. Y0j1mb0! =P Hahaha! I have a couple of Gamestop Employee Polos and a T-Shirt here that are for: ModNation Racers, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The following few pictures is all Gamestop stuff (USA exclusive may I add) that I got from a homie from down south! God! I wish we actually were on even terms in Canada for promo/pre-order bonuses . . . >_< Starting off we have a Nintendo DS Lanyard, followed by a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Gamestop Lanyard Card, and a Red Dead Redemption Gamestop Lanyard Card. Just to the right of that is a Turok Dog Tag, a couple Super Meat Boy Stickers, and a Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 3 Pack Styluses. Above those are 3 paks of Mario Kart Wii Trading Cards. Finally on the far right, would be a God of War III Kratos Rubber Mask that is very claustrophobic to put on, with how itís designed and fits.

Iím quite ashamed of myself that I havenít found the time to play BioShock 2 yet, as I absolutely loved the first. Dominating the top of the picture is a nice BioShock 2 Art Print and under that to the left is a BioShock 2 Promotional Booklet. Thereís also a couple sheets of Pokťmon HeartGold & SoulSilver Stickers, a Rooms: The Main Building Demo Disc for Wii, and finally a Final Fantasy XIII Faceplate! Aw yeah!

I got the comics and map here from a recent trade with a Mr. Wry Guy begin_of_the_skype_highlighting†††††end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting†††††end_of_the_skype_highlighting, who apparently has one of the makers of Super Meat Boy as one of his regular customers at the Gamestop he works at. We have some Mass Effect 2 Terminus Gear Download Cards, Super Meat Boy Comics #1 and #2, a couple God of War III Lanyard Cards, the same with the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Pre-Order Cards, and apparently underneath all that is a Morrowind Ė Province of Cyrodiil Map.

I am an extremely big fan of shiny things related to video games. Needless to say, when I found out from a buddy I was allowed to have their Assassinís Creed II Advertisement Banner, I was very excited! The picture doesnít do it justice, but itís got a whole bunch of silver trim and is so shiny and awesome! I also need to pick up and play ďWestern GTA.Ē Under the banner is a Red Dead Redemption Promotional Booklet, as well as a Wanted Poster for the game. After those two items is the very funnily written BioShock 2 Ė The Midnight Release booklet.

To be quite honest, I donít know like anything about ModNation Racers, but apparently these are the contents of the Press Envelope given out to some particular retailers.

Yet another thing I had a friend pick-up for me at a local Japanime convention or some other. I thought this was a nice take on the traditional snow globe, but this Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe is pretty balliní if you ask me.

I REALLY need to get to playing the original and this sequel sometime soon . . . -_-Ď This here is just one hell of a kickass Super Mario Galaxy 2 Poster that my local EB Games was handing out.

Well, I think itís time for another Star Wars interlude! These are some custom Bristol Board Posters that were for Star Wars: Force Commander and were limited to 1,000 I believe. They werenít that an expensive buy from eBay and well, I just thought they looked cool. Iím particularly happy with the somewhat Uncle Sam based Darth Vader one.

You can tell that Iím desperately trying to catch-up with my hauls, as you can see thereís freaking StarCraft II: Winds of Liberty stuff in my posts, hahaha! On top of the Promotional Cube I got, would be a nice Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Promotional Booklet.

My buddy Zoel found a kickass Japanese import site that has discounts on new items and good shipping prices! With that said, I picked up a Cactuar (Sabotender) Plastic Glass, as well as a super kickass and more awesome then initially thought Final Fantasy Series Plush Tonberry! Thanks dude! =D

So, as Iíve said before, I totally donít have room for like any of my currently boxed standees and such, but I do somewhat hoard them. Well, I also have some Hard Plastic Displays that I will eventually have to find room for, with this one being of New Super Mario Bros. Wii! I couldnít take its picture on my bed like I do with all my other stuff, so I had to take the picture from atop my stairs down to the main floor of my house. I used the backpack as a reference to show just how big this thing is.

That wasnít my only big Hard Plastic Display, as I managed to get this cool The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks one too! Many happy days for me! =D

Say what? MORE StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty stuff? o_O Hahaha! This is just a Promotional Poster I managed to snag . . . along with . . .

A StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Bristol Board Advertisement of the game, featuring the awesome Jim Raynor.

Well, that does it for an obscenely long version of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. By PAX, I believe Iíll FINALLY be freaking caught up with everything. I believe my post next week (hopefully) will be of the much anticipated (by some) console/hardware post that Iíve been trying to get to forever. So, until next time, latez mates.
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