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In a Viral Minute #3

And here we go again for another edition of In a Viral Minute. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and this week also brought to you by the letter R. Starting with this post I�ll be initiating a small countdown to PAX Prime, Its 6 weeks to PAX as of right now. P.S. 321GoCast resumes this week, sorry about last week, blame Ryu.

This week I will start off with Splinter Cell: Conviction, which I�ve been playing for a few days now and have been enjoying thoroughly. It may have its problems and may be easier than previous Splinter Cell installments but that is fine with me, I enjoyed it and have enjoyed playing the Hunter missions in order to try and complete the P.E.C. Challenges. I�ve been told that the Co-Op is pretty good and am waiting on a friend so I can try it myself. With Conviction I have very few complaints, and the short campaign is fine by me since I like to play as many games as I can during my breaks from school, so Conviction fits well into those plans. One of my complaints however is the inconsistencies of the enemy AI, at one point they are as blind as bats, but at other points they can see you from miles away, other than that my only other complaint is the lights that you can�t shoot out, which make no sense since they appear to only be guarded by some sort of grate. But other than that I have no other major complaint for Conviction and can say that I enjoyed playing it.

Next up is a quick music hit, specifically MC Frontalot. I say it�s a quick hit because I only wanted to mention that I recently discovered that Frontalot in his Nerdcore Rising album�s Charity Case track uses a Darlek �EXTERMINATE� sound clip. It�s a Dr. Who reference and since I�ve recently been converted into a fan of the show I was pleasantly surprised by the reference.

I played League of Legends again the other day with Ryu and was reminded about how much I love playing as the champion Shen. Shen, a ninja tank (yeah ninja tank� weird combo I know) that can heal himself by inflicting damage on enemies and enemy creeps has been my main for a while now and whence the 321GoCast crew played I would usually be him. We haven�t played as a group on a while so when Ryu asked if I wanted to play I agreed and had a blast. Our game started out a bit bad but pretty quickly turned around and ended up being a victory for our team, and during the game I was reminded how fun it is to have more armor and more health than most other players on the board. Just having the ability to hold my own against a tower while my team mates wail on it is rewarding enough for me, while others want their Kills in the double digits I am quite content with less than 10 Ks and tons of assists. My proudest moment as Shen came one night playing alongside King3vbo and Pangloss where my record was 13 Kills, 2 Deaths, and 31 Assists, it was AMAZING and a feat I don�t think Ill be able to repeat any time soon.

Finally I have a quick question for all you DTOIDers that will be at PAX Prime. If I were to, say� Make some 321GoCast Swag, would y�all be interested in it?

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope you will enjoy the next one as well. This has been In a Viral Minute, I�m JohnnyViral and My Life for Aiur!

If you�d like to help in any way with In a Viral Minute please feel free to shoot me an idea down in the comments and I�ll get back to you as soon as I can.

P.S. If you follow me on Twitter be on the lookout for this hash tag #MamaViralUpdate, for all the hilarious MamaViral stories.
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