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BUYAKA!!! First in line for SC2!!!1!

Heeelllll yessssss! Ladies and jets I am currently typing from sunny (well not right now...) Miami! Live coverage from the PlanetX Gamestop store in Dolphin mall. Well I am honestly not going to boast how I got here first, instead, just going to boast how I got here.... first :D

Took a power nap I was home working till 6pm, then I decided to take a power nap since I knew how boring being in line is waiting like a crazy fanboy can make time go really slow. So to my surprise, finished my power nap, woke up, took a shower, looked at the time... 9:08pm!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Time to RUSH!!!! I hopped in my almost no gas-and-one tire about to blow up-rx7, speed dash the Express way (normally 1h drive from where I am at to Dolphin Mall's PlanetX Gamestop) Made in in miraculous 9:35!! I park and ruuuuuuun like hell, pass PlanetX (noticed there was no one in line!) and ranned as fast as I could to the FOOD COURT cuz I was one Hungry Mofo. Ordered Chicken Kitchen cuban rice/beans, BBQ chicken & sweet fried plantains, to go of course, and Speed dashed back to Planet X around 9:40pm

To my surprise, there was this kid... with a old man next to him in a wheelchair, prob his grandpa at the other side of the mall... He saw me running, he says something quick to his grandpa which he grabs him by the wheelchair handles and starts running which him. I was like o_O!!! Oh HELL NA! Sorry folks, this is one gamer that doesn't take pity on the elderly when waiting in line. I ran even faster, the kid dashes faster, I didnt noticed but Grandpa was eating a ice cream cone but as soon as i noticed the kid had people in his way and was trying to cut them to get to the store first in line, Grandpa dropped his cone, got pissed, said, PARAAAAAA!!!! (Stop), kid stops, I get to the store, kid goes back with grandpa to get another ice cream cone....

lol...... well either way he made it back #2 right next to me as so far we are the only 2 here. This is to my surprise because this store was sold out within the week for CE and I figures more people would be here. Well lets just say I am feeling like when Kevin Butler said "To win a trophy that isn't real... but it is"

live edit --- sexy pic :P
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