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Alternate Reality: I've got friends!


Come on, let's be real. Would you be friends with that? Chances are, in a real-life situation you would stay away from a giant talking pig. I mean on a daily basis people avoid others because of race, religion, personal dislike, IQ, social status... the list goes on and on. But one morning I woke up and things were very different.

I started my morning like normal. Waking up when my alarm made me, but not getting up after a half hour. At long last I stand and survey my room. I notice the Xbox I borrowed from my friend that he wanted back. I try to fit it into my book bag but there are just too many textbooks. Something tells me to try my pocket. Suddenly the item shrinks and fits in there like a glove. The same goes for my gym clothes; they shrink and then they fit. Descending the stairs I decide to check the mirror to see just how funky I look, but I'm actually not all that dirty. Showering would be unnecessary. I don't feel a natural hunger for breakfast so I decide to just watch some TV. Suddenly I remember my mom telling me that if I wanted to get that new game I'd have to get the money myself. Selling some old games would be a good way, I figured, but how could I do it fast? I fit the items I want to sell, hoping to find some buyers outside of school, but the butler outside the door already has it covered. "I can hold onto that for you," he tells me, spinning his head around oddly. "And sell it to someone who comes by. What should I tell people who ask for you?" Trying to remember if I ever had a butler in the first place, I come up with the generic response, "Tell 'em I'm not home." But my day had not yet even begun.

As soon as I come down from my front porch I'm approached by a rather large black man. Being a skinny white boy, I'm kind of afraid for my life. But when he reaches me he asks "What's your name?" and before I can even answer, he's already using my name in sentences. "Do you need help with anything?" he asks me. Remembering the Xbox, I mention that I need to return it to my friend. He says he can do it for me. On a normal day I would've automatically assumed he'd just run off with it and keep it himself. But this was obviously not a normal day. I hand him the console and he runs off to finish the task. Looking around, I notice it's not just him, but everyone that is being helpful and just genuinely kind. Even the government officials have stepped out of their offices to chat with the townsfolk, giving out random objects.

When I finally get to school, I make my way to my classroom. Other students are shrinking their seats and replacing them with recliners. I'm jealous that I didn't think of that first. I sit down just in time for the teacher to say that there's a pop quiz. Freaking out, I look through my notes furiously before it begins, but it's too late. It's an oral quiz and she just starts blurting them out. "How many rose bushes did you see outside the school?" A student answers by saying 4. He answered correctly, but instead of receiving a grade, the teacher gives him a statue. She moves onto the next student and asks him who lives in Acre B-3. The student answers incorrectly, but surprisingly, the teacher just asks again. This time the student gets it right and the teacher gives her wallpaper. Gym arrives and I change into my clothes VERY quickly. Our assignment for the day is to plant flowers and trees just to make the town beautiful. I don't mind the task.

At the end of the day the bell rings and we get to go. On the way out I bump a bully. He stops and tells me to please not push him. However a student going past bumps me into him again. Fearing the worst, I can see the anger building up inside him. "Sorry, Rex, really." I await the punch, but it doesn't come. He just grumbles and storms off. Enjoying my lucky break, I run. On my way home I'm stopped by the black man from earlier, holding an item my friend had borrowed from me. I thank him and pocket the item. He stands there smiling oddly, like he wants something for his trouble. I figure there can't be any harm in letting him have the satellite I won in the pop quiz.

When I get home, my mailbox is blinking. I open it up and look through the dozens of mail I received from almost all of the citizens. "You rock!" "Thanks for planting those flowers!" "How are you? I miss seeing you." My heart fluttered realizing I barely knew most of these people but on this one day I was important to them. And then I reached the last letter at the bottom. It was from Rex. "The time I've had in this city were some of the best moments of my life and getting to spend some of it with you meant the world to me. Unfortunately, I must look for opportunity elsewhere."

Even though he bullied me relentlessly every other day of the year, I found myself heartbroken while reading the letter. It was like a part of me was leaving forever, and never coming back. So you see, a perfect world of convenience and friendship isn't always perfect.

People will still hurt you.
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