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The Destructoid Communicast!

Alright guys, I like making podcasts, and I like the Destructoid community, and I haven't had enough to do lately. This has lead to quite a bit of thinking to be done, and quite a few ideas to execute. One of these ideas is something I like to call the Dtoid Communicast (working title).

I would like to put together a podcast each week with every part entirely dictated by the community. This means that every podcaster would be a community member, the topics we discuss would all be chosen by the community, and the questions would be asked entirely by members of the community.

So this is the first step guys. If we want this to happen,and I know we all want it to, we need to have people to podcast, ask questions, and choose topics. Ideally this podcast will be the community in audio form so whatever the community puts into it will be what comes out. If the podcast is two people talking about the questions a third person asks the show is likely to be shit, but if the show has a revolving cast of great people who are asked interesting things by the rest of the community the show will be fantastic.

So what do you say Destructoid, are you ready to rock? In order to make this work we need people who want to hang out on air, people to ask questions, and people to suggest things for us to talk about. Can you fill any of these positions? I think you can! Say you want to be part of this in the comments so we can get this off the ground!
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