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Play as Al-qaeda, Good.

If there is something I enjoy in video games, it is immersion in a setting that feels real, or that I can relate to the world we ourselves inhabit. 21 Hours ago at time of writing Hamza posted this article, commenting on EA's use of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in their up and coming game Medal Of Honour, responses from the dtoid community have been, mixed at best, some screaming hypocrite like pre pubescent teens with a stick up their ass the size of a golf club.

But beside respect for Hamza's opinion, I got something complexly different from the article. When games are able to impact someone, even to the level that they no longer wish to play the game, that is when they leave the realms of poor entertainment and become actual art.

I don't know about you but the more I become immersed in a games setting and characters the more I enjoy the total experience and it effects me emotionally. When I played through the MW2 Airport level, I found the level horrifying in the actions it portrayed, but this did not make me stop playing. It made me think for just a moment, how it would feel to being in that position. My answer, utterly terrifying. And to be able to think about that put yourself in the shoes of a character and really think is a good thing.

I support games companies linking there games to real world activities because it is thought provoking when put alongside a narrative. If Al-Qaeda just turn out to be available in only multiplayer, then no real harm is done other a brilliant opportunity missed for a interactive narrative that could strike hard at the public and actually make them think about events that are for the most part, ignored and swept under the carpet.
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