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Mass Effect 2: Predetermined Suicide


The results went haywire when considering the fact that neglecting to upgrade your ship randomly kills three of your party members before you even land. So even if you decided who you want to live, things may not turn out that way. In the end, I ended up only having three people survive the mission and only two of them were originally planned to be saved. Iím interested to see if Mass Effect 3 will adapt to these deaths in a meaningful way or if my desire to create an interesting scenario will be neglected in the same way the Rachni were in Mass Effect 2.

For those wondering, I planned to save: Garrus, Mordin, Thane, Legion, and Tali. After all the dust settled and I vamoosed from the Collector base only Mordin, Legion, and Grunt were alive. I found this playthrough to be infinitely more intriguing compared to my first playthrough of trying to keep everyone alive. When you leave some of the survival to chance, and accept the fact that not everyone will live it becomes a very interesting struggle for you to maintain dedication to those you actually care about.

I really recommend anyone who is a fan of the game to replay through it and do what I did: Only gain loyalty of the five you want to survive and donít upgrade your ship. It adds a necessary spin to the suicide mission and hey, maybe youíll realize which characters you really hate. Anyway, I wrote this out as it came to me with no outline or editing so it was probably very disorganized and lacked my usual vernacular. Let me know what you guys think. DP OUT.
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