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I Got Into the OnLive Beta!!!

...Which is what this post would be about. The feeling of finally getting to experience the possible future of console killers (not my words) was abound when I got the E-mail saying I was a Founding Member.

Then this line came up:

Internet Connection: Wired (not wireless) 5Mbps connection located inside the contiguous United States

I then backtracked, and read through the intro paragraph:

Upon completing registration, you will receive 12 months of free access to the OnLive Game Service on your PC or Mac via a wired broadband connection

I get the feeling I missed something when I read posts here and across the internets about this thing. I don't recall OnLive requiring wired 'net in order to work. Of course I was under the impression that half, if not the majority of the goddamn U.S. of A had wireless, henceforth allowing OnLive to market the beta towards that standard. Seems like the logical thing to do, you know? Try the major market first, then handle the rest later. Of course I might just be jumping the gun here, and maybe they'll slap the taste out of my mouth later with a beta for wireless connections 2 f-king years down the road. Jesus. Catch up people. You've already got a wall of folks saying this either "won't work" or, "is a waste of time." Not a good way to increase your fanbase.

But again, I'm probably jumping the gun.
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