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Pre-PAX Prime Preparation Post Preparing for PAX Prime Preparation Post

I like alliteration. That is not why we are here, though. We are here to talk about PAX Prime. Or rather, I'm here to talk about PAX Prime. You're here to either read what I have to say about PAX Prime, or you're rolling your eyes and saying "Oh god, not another PAX Prime post," and you've probably already closed this PAX Prime post already anyway.

Yes, I am going to PAX Prime. I don't actually like calling it PAX Prime, because it seems to dilute the meaning of PAX East (the un-Primening), but I'm not here to gripe about how the east coast never gets any of the fun. I'm here to talk about PAX Prime.

Painkiller is a particularly puzzling performance in Rock Band

Personally, PAX Prime means preparing to pry myself out of my previous location and put myself on a plane from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Preparation is key. Previously, I traveled to San Francisco, and I did not plan particularly well. The bags I packed contained too many personal items, and I found myself burdened with a plethora of pointless apparel. I have learned from my previous mistakes, though.

I am looking forward to PAX Prime, probably because PAX Prime means I get to play games with personal acquaintances and friends. I'll meet new people, see new places (I've never been to Seattle, party~!), and probably have a pretty damn good time.

During PAX East (the un-Primening), I was preoccupied with personal events, and did not get to participate in as many panels as I would have preferred, nor did I get to pass the time with my friends. To say the least, the amount of time I spent with my friends was paltry.

Pinball Wizard is a personal preference of The Who's catalog.

For PAX Prime, however, I will have nothing to worry about other than picking what I want to do, and doing it. I'm as pumped as a potato, so to speak. My personal arrangements are nearly completed, and then I can plan properly.

I will probably run into some of you during PAX Prime, and even if I've never been introduced to you, it'd be my pleasure to meet you, so you can punch me in the penis, or whatever it is you wish to do. Perhaps when we near closer to PAX Prime, I will post a picture of myself for you to put in your phone so you can find me. You can probably find a photograph of me already, though. Hooray PAX Prime!

This post was presented by the letter P. Please do not pick apart the powerful punch of this letter. This will never happen again, I swear. Baaaaaad writing itch tonight.
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