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In a Viral Minute #2

Hey there DTOID, and welcome back to In a Viral Minute.

First off let me thank all of those who commented and read my very first In a Viral Minute last time, thanks for the support and I hope this new one doesn't suck.

I'll open this one with a comment from Pangloss about my inevitable fate at PAX Prime
Pangloss: CONFIRMED FOR PAX: King and I are going to tie Johnny down and force him to watch K-On!
Clockwork Orange-style.
This ladies and gents is gonna rape my brain, it will make me rage like i have never raged before. If you think I'm angry now, oh lord will you so very very wrong after this happens. Now I wont go in depth into why I hate K-On! so much, as to not bore the non anime loving readers, but I will say that I do not enjoy when something is over-saturated with a specific character type. K-On! is a perfect example of this, 1 Moe character is usually ok in an anime, 2-3 may get annoying but hopefully they aren't major characters, however when all main characters are all Moe blobs, or even super GAR badasses, things get stale and overly annoying. Which is why I hate K-On!, and Sengoku Basara.

Anyway, Video Games! I recently bought Persona 3 Portable... Yes I do own a PSP, and yes I'm ashamed of myself for owning it. P3P is actually the very first PSP game I actually bought, and I bought it for 2 reasons, 1) I wanted the Pre-Order Junpei hat (Though I don't really like Junpei to begin with) and 2) Its Persona 3, and I have yet to play it. So it was an easy decision. However Ive found myself incredibly addicted to it, so much so that this past Saturday I woke up at 10AM and played Persona 3 Portable till about 10PM almost non-stop. I need help, I cant put it down. As I play the game I enjoy it more and more, except for one thing, and that is the Game Over criteria. Its very annoying to be fighting through Tartarus, then encounter an enemy that just so happens to pick Minato as their prime target, they use his weakness and basically take control away from you until he gets KO'd, Instant Game Over. Even though you have all other party members reasonably alive, and have a revival item the game is over. Its really annoying, I understand why it happens (because you cant control the other characters) but its still really fucking annoying.

How about some TV talk? So thanks to my fellow 321GoCast crew members Ive been exposed to a number of television shows, namely GLee, Dr. Who, Pawn Stars and M*A*S*H*. Sorry Analoge, I don't think I'll ever watch M*A*S*H*, but I have watched the other recommendations that y'all have told me to watch. Dr. Who was fucking fun to watch and I'm surprised that as much as I love Science Fiction and all that jazz I had never bothered to watch a Dr. Who series. I join the band wagon and recommend people watch it, but don't go as over board as Ryu has and basically become a Britaboo. GLee was also really fucking awesome, and I'm just a bit gayer for admitting that, Damn You Tactix. As evidenced by my pushing through our GLeeCast episode and volunteering to sing one of our break songs, I really did like GLee and cant wait for Season 2, and I am now just a bit gayer for saying that.

Well, I guess I'm done with this latest In a Viral Minute.Thanks for taking the time to read, and for continuing to support 321GoCast. As a parting shot I'm gonna give thanks to the C-Blog recappers who trek through the shit and do their job bravely so we can have a concise daily overview of the C-Blogs. Thank you guys. Well I'm JohnnyViral and the games that I play only have 20 sided dice.

Again if you'd like to help with In a Viral Minute in any way (With a banner for instance) leave a comment or message me and I'll get back to you.

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