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Does every blog need a title?

If so, then I can�t think of one. It�s been a while since my last blog, so if anyone gives a crap, here�s some information about me, and stuff I been doing lately. So um�..yeah�.I don�t know. I just wanna write something.

- Lately, I�ve lost all interest in TV excluding FMA Brotherhood. G4 and Adult Swim are dead to me now. G4 is dead because of how Xplay wants me to buy every game, Adam Sessler is no longer funny, and Morgan webb is no longer interesting. Kevin Perrerra is becoming more of a douche every day and Olivia munn just stands there and acts like she�s somebody. Adult swim copies everything 4chan does and acts original, when everyone had already caught on years ago. Even boondocks is failing. Their obama episode was the best by far.

- The only game I curse during is Call of Duty online, and even then, it�s rare. And it�s a simple �damn� not a �GOD F***ING D*MMIT SON OF B***H!�

- I played Attack of the Movies. I love rail shooters. This game was decent. $10 worth. The graphics are dirt. No point in making it 3D if there are no rendered graphics. Also played Cybertron Adventures. Then I was reminded of how much I love moving my own character in a third person shooter. At least set it up like Disaster Day of Crisis.

- Monster Hunter Tri was good for the first 5 minutes. Just felt like throwing that out there.

- Tried to watch the movie Date Night. I stopped at 16 minutes. If I�m to watch a movie, it has to draw me in. Do something amazing to begin with. For example, the Longest Yard. Adam Sandler goes on a high speed police chase. That draws me in. Iron Man 2, starts with a little ACDC and has Iron Man already taking flight. That draws me in. People jabbering about crap I don�t care about doesn�t draw me in.

- That new movie �Dinner for Schmucks� looks dumb. The classic, �Les diner des cons� was amazing. It looks like they took a good movie and ruined it by using clich� actors and crappy jokes.

- I hate eminem. His only two good songs were Cleaning out my Closet and 8-mile (Lose yourself?). For example, his song �My balls� isn�t rapping, it�s randomly throwing out words and hope they rhyme. The new song is �Won�t back down� where he does the same thing. He�s like �shoot, kill, fly, downhill, explosion, potatoes, I�m awesome, Slim Shady�.

- I hate rap. The only time I like to hear Lil� Wayne is in the song �Let it Rock�

- The new cole in infamous 2 is pretty douche-like, but on the other hand, it�s nice to see Justin Timberlake beat the shit out of a lot of people.
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