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Video Games With A Graduate Student

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Gaming for the Grad Student: Bits of Sanity


So why should you care? While you're most likely a gamer, odds are you aren't a graduate student. (And if you are, we really need to share war stories over a beer and a DS.) Well, you should care because nothing I've said here about how gaming relates to my life is really unique to being a graduate student. Every one of us has a 9-to-5 (or in my case, an 8-to-6, and I'm one of the lazy ones). Maybe we love it, maybe we hate it. Regardless, when life is getting us down or making us feel lonely, gaming is something we use to keep our head above the rising tide. It's emotional, it's thoughtful, it's social, and sometimes it's just plain fun.

With that, I believe I should cut this off. I hope that you enjoy reading what I will hopefully be posting here in the future, or, at the very least, I hope it provides a much-needed bit of procrastination and sanity.
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About MuddBstrdone of us since 5:21 PM on 06.06.2008

Since I've started writing on here a bit more again, I should probably add something to this. As the banner image of my blog says, I'm a graduate student. Yes, I'm that class of people which Marge Simpson says has made a poor life choice. The fact that the wife of Homer Simpsons is saying that should tell you something about my quality of life. :P

I like writing about games, which is what you'll see me do on here when a subject sufficiently motivates me. Sadly, writing about games comes at the cost of playing games, so my blog posts are fewer and farther between than I'd like. I usually write with regard to monthly musings, retro games, games I'm currently playing, or events in the games industry that perk my interest.

When I'm not DOING SCIENCE! or playing games, I can be found training in karate (my life is a fighting game!), writing about stuff other than games, or tearing up the dance floor.