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Wii Owners: May I have your ATTENTION.


Picture Unrelated yet nevertheless Epic due to it being Dtoid's own Mr.Sadistic.

I just recently received Tatsunoko v Capcom as a gift & I noticed something while playing it for a few hours... it kicks major ass. As in I should of gotten this game a looooong time ago. So the first thing I did when my wife pried the controller off my hands because she wanted to watch the telly was immediately go to our award winning forums ( Zodiac Eclipse made me say that ) and peruse our unofficial fighting game tournaments. I couldn't wait to join one for the Wii and get to tusslin' with some Dtoiders on this gem of a game. Except when I clicked on that there link for Unofficial tournaments this is all I saw...

For those whose peepers aren't up to snuff what I noticed was the lack of any Wii on the thread period. I understand there aren't an overflowing games on the Wii that are online enabled but surely Tatsunoko v Capcom should of broken this mold. It would seem not. But I am here to remedy that. If you are a Wii owner who yearns for the bitter competition this game can bring, who wants to show the community how bad ass you are in this game...by all means step up to the plate. On the newly minted Wii Fight Club: Ranbat Version 0.

The premiere unofficial Tatsunoko v Capcom tournament. Any takers? As with all tournaments worth their salt there should be some grand prize of some sort. Alas I have no fancy grand prize but I do have an extra copy of my favorite Wii game I can toss your way.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.I'm thinking if you don't own this you suck as a gamer and in life. And if you do well I guess I'll find something else to give you. I'll ransack my closet as I'm quite sure I could feasibly find more stuff to throw in. Some old socks, a razor to get that beard ritual started, more games...who knows. It isn't all that but consider it a minuscule incentive on top of the real prize of the bragging rights of being the best of the best on Tatsunoko v Capcom here in Dtoid. The winner will also get a shiny new Raul Julia Bison Badge in the forums, that alone should compel you to join the ruckus. Also, those elitist fighting game fanatics on the 360 ( & to a smaller degree the PS3 ) wont be there with their HELLAFRAY nonsense.

All interested parties holla at me here and shoot on over to the new Wii Fight Club: Ranbat Version 0 forum thread made ever so easy by clicking right hurr where you will find the rules and such to get this started. That is all. You may now return to your normal C blog sifting for videogamez news routine.
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