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In a Viral Minute #1

Howdy do DTOID, and welcome to In a Viral Minute, my new Cblog series. In it I comment about things that are on my mind. Now I know its called In a Viral Minute, but by no means does this mean that I will only be writing's for a minute and then posting that. So without further delay I bring you the first installmet of In a Viral Minute.

PAX Prime is a few months away, and Im CONFIRMED. I'm extremely happy about this since I'm going to get to see a bunch of the wonderfully awesome DTOIDers that I met at PAX East and those that I have yet to meet like Stella, and Tactix. PAX East was an amazing experience that I wish I could relive right now, and getting to go to PAX Prime is something that I cant believe that I will be able to do this year after not being able to go last year and having to give up my pass so that another DTOIDer could go. But this time JohnnyV is going to PAX and there isn't a damned thing anyone can do about it. So you all better be ready.

Speaking of PAX, this year during PAX East the guys over at Rooster Teeth, the guys behind Red vs Blue, showed off the first couple of minutes of their newest season, and it blew away the people sitting in the panel audience. Im happy to say that they have not disappointed with this newest season, its visually stunning with all the CGI and motion capture stuff, plus the writing is the funniest its been in a while. I strongly recommend it for anyone who liked the old school RvB and was let down by the last few seasons. You should also check out the RTShorts, they are quite funny and pretty entertaining, it just goes to show that those guys are actually good at being funny.

Lastly I want to thank each and everyone of the people who have supported 321GoCast in one way or another. We started the show just for shits and giggles, not really thinking that it would become what it is now. Its almost like a job, especially for Ryu and myself, since he edits and I write the "epic show notes" whenever I remember to that is. But seriously thank you very much for listening, and supporting us, we will continue to not really try to entertain you for as long as we can and maybe even get ourselves a more respectable banner and avatar.

Well this has been In a Viral Minute. I'm JohnnyViral, and Ive got this burning like my veins are filled with nothing but gasoline.

If you'd like to help with In a Viral Minute in any way (With a banner for instance) leave a comment or message me and I'll get back to you.
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