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Why DESTRUCTOID ROCKS reason # 1,545: Ckarusa Edition.


I think that everybody in our glorious community can pretty much write a blog on a daily basis of why Destructoid as a whole rocks and we would never run out of reasons. That's how rich Destructoid is with it's undeniable love for everybody that frequents here, especially it's community members. I can pretty much testify that I have never seen this amount of joy and love shared among people in any other place. This is yet another example of a member unprovoked being awesome to another here... specifically me.

In our last episode of Why DESTRUCTOID ROCKS, WryGuy bestowed upon my person much free swag. And life for me was good. So what could possibly make me create another post of why Destructoid and its community rocks. Why simple. More generosity. Take a gander at this my fellow colleagues and bathe in the feeling of fellowship.

One thing though, these pictures were taken from my shitty digital camera as my others were inoperable due to my lazy ass not charging their batteries. So if you dig pictures that look like 70's porn stills...you're in luck. Sadly, Vanessa del Rio is absent from them though.

It all started with me checking the mail & getting this.

What's this? I reckon' I better open it up. Fast forward 15 min later... that damn adhesive glue was retarded.


Hell yeah. I have been wanting to play this game for quite awhile but could never find a copy of it whenever I went to GameStop. I don't care about the lack of the original box or anything like that, I'll leave that to the collectors of the world. I want to play the game! And now I've got it in my grubby hands!

I'm playing this game after I finish this blog but wait there's more. No, you got to be kidding me. Ckarusa this is too much. A brand spanking new copy of...


I have been meaning to get this game and for whatever reason haven't. If you even remotely know me you know I love fighting games, so this gift is appreciated beyond comprehension and now that I have it a tournament is in question! Look on the forums soon for information.

Ckarusa... you are the MAN.

Know that I didn't even ask for any of this stuff. He just did out of the blue. The surreal thing is that this is indicative as a whole of just about all the Dtoiders here. Giving, selfless, and just plain awesome. Here's another special thank you to Ckarusa. Thanks dude, you're the tits. I'm gonna let you beat me in SSFIV the next time we play. People show him some love. And also a thank you to Destructoid as a whole for having the BEST DAMN COMMUNITY EVER.
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