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Tubaticisms 7/4/10: Americanism, Bloggerism, and RDR-WoW-ME2isms


Happy 4th of July! This day is an integral part of my timeline, and I'm glad no one's gone back and messed with it... or have they?!

Celebrating the 4th- I didn't do much in actual celebration of the 4th of July. Mostly just sat around my apartment and did a little clean up. If you want to get all "Meta" about it, though, I watched two films that symbolized two massive aspects of America today.

The first was Akira Kurosawa's Sanjuro. Kurosawa's work had a major effect on some of the more revered action and genre movies that appeared from America in the decades that followed the height of his Samurai flicks. Fist Full of Dollars, anything with a wandering lone gunman, The Magnificent Seven and even Star Wars shows heavy shades of this man's work. Without telling you too much, I must recommend watching Sanjuro all the way through, and wonder if movie violence didn't take something away from that final scene.

The second was Hot Fuzz. Without laboring the point, a British movie that draws heavily from the lexicon of American police action movies seems incredibly appropriate for the day.

Back to Bioware- I got my 360 back from repair, and I've got to say that I missed the games I have on it. I've been back to my routine of jumping into Mass Effect 2 in fits and bursts. Still my favorite game this year. I'm not so excited about the new DLC that just came out. At this point, I want to hold out for that alleged "bridge" DLC. My hope is that there's some more character development left in this product. But if they can't give me at least a better epilouge than what amounts to a largely symbolic, pro-Alliance propaganda commercial, I feel like I might as well just wait until ME3.

Meanwhile, Dragon Age has an expansion pack, and I haven't played with my Battle Mage nearly enough...

Red Dead MMO Siren- I've been dabbling in Red Dead's Multiplayer, and it really makes me want to get back into WoW. Filling a job role against an expansive and sometimes unpredictable landscape, making myself ever more powerful or otherwise "Cool"... that's just something that I still really enjoy in my games. Running those new Co-Op missions really scratches that old "squad" based itch. For anyone that doesn't yet get what's so great about MMOs, play Red Dead Redemption. That pretty much sums it up.

WoW, 5 months removed- I miss the game, but I REALLY don't miss the game. I've got my fond memories of achieving awesome gear, with fun groups of people and feeling very satisfied in helping an awed lower level character through a random quest. That felt great, and its the reason I enjoyed the game for so long. But I've also got a ton of memories involving poor social skills (mine and others), shoddy group organization and ridiculous grind scenarios that just don't seem nearly worth the effort anymore.

I'm likely to jack into the game sometime this month and try to recapture a little of that old magic.

The Will to Write- I've had a whole bunch of blog ideas, but I haven't managed to get any of them out. Mostly, I think, because I'm trying too hard to make a good point worth reading. As much as I think I'd really enjoy doing the blogger thing full time, I have serious doubts on my ability to "perform" on a super-regular basis. Good thing I mostly only do it for fun.

Though, I'd really like to make this blog a platform for proving my general game knowledge chops. I've got a personal goal of being competent and skilled enough to join a big time game making operation in some capacity (Production, QA, maybe even development, sure) While I think I've got pretty much what it takes, I've come to realize that I'm not so great at proving that to anyone. On top of getting real tangible experience, I've got start making something.

The latest episode of A Life Well Wasted really got through to me. In short, Henk Rogers, the guy that made/makes mad money off the licensing rights to Tetris, is trying to do great things with all the money he's earned. Like, serious great things. Ending war, colonizing Mars, mass producing non-fuel dependent cars: Big Things. And really *THAT* is the dream. (Hey sure, we'll call it the American Dream today!).

1. Do something cool
2. ????
3. Profit
4. Do something profound with that profit

So, yeah. I've got a mind to start producing some great things and leveling up my personal skills, more or less.

And just like that, I've got nothin'. Good ideas fumble around and what should be a really excellent blog about how righteous a by-the-book, big studio X-Com revival could be becomes a half written article fragment rotting on my hard drive.


Red Steel 2- Its pretty good, actually. Its hard unlearning waggle. More things need to use Motion Plus. Badly.
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