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E3 continued:Intendo

There has been a larger delay then I thought, between writing this blog, and the last one about Microsoft, then I would have liked. But you know, those weekend destractions. Roleplaying with the guys(finally, we rarely play, excuse giving, mother fuckers), reading a Stephen King book I am really fucking into, trying to complete RDR 100%, and drawing cute guys killing cuter bunnies. But now finally, the moment you may not even care about, my thoughts on Nintendo's E3 press conference.

Lets just start with the awesome new Zelda title. The gameplay would have looked great, if technical issues weren't so frigin' huge. It was sad to see, however, apparently, it was way better on the show floor. The games demo presented no technical difficulties, which is great to hear.

Now, in all honesty, I can't say much about the new Zelda game. I have yet to decide if it is actually good or not. Simple fact is, it is way to early to decide anything about that game. So far, the game seems really cool, but it hasn't showed me much of anything special. Yes it is a motion control Zelda game that imitates your movements exactly, but that is not my main concern. We were told this Zelda would break the typical Zelda formula. You know, the overworlding a little, then dungeoning a lot, and repeat. But, as obvious, the E3 showing revealed nothing about this. Or anything of the story at that. I will admit, Zelda blew my mind, but I want it to be blasted, and I hope in the near future, it'll do so.

Okay, so here after that came an assembly of great, well mostly. I don't believe that Wii Party is a "brigde" game, I've never played the mother fucker so I don't know. The idea of having games which take non-gamers, deeper into a more typical gaming experience, is a very nice one though. I'm just not sure Wii Party is one of those games.

Onward, there was Just Dance 2. Which I don't care about really. Dancing video games have never had much appeal to me. Also we got a trailer for the new Goldeneye game, or rather remake of Goldeneye. I can't say I care, replacing Brosnan with the new guy I'm not a fan of. At that, I don't see the point in remaking a game like Goldeneye, it was good the way it was you bastards. Anywho next, Mario Sports Mix, it failed to give me goosebumps, so I know my mind is neutral on the subject. However, if the game uses Wii Motion plus, which I'm not sure of, it is very likely I'll buy the bastard. There is a chance that Mario Sports Mix can be fun. Heres hoping its nothing like Mario and Sonic and the Olympic games... I blame Sonic for those failures.

We got to see more gameplay footage of Metroid Other M, which is still looking beyond fantastic. The fact that it is hiting the stores August 31st, made me squeal like a school girl. Donkey Kong Country Returns, looks fun, and brings back that nostalga, however, will it still be fresh and innovative enough for me to actually buy it? I like new spins on old franchises, Nintendo is great at that. But so far, I haven't seen enough, new spin, on ol' DK, to care that much. But lets not doubt the fact, I still buy the game... Curse you Nintendo.

So the game that made me wet myself was undoubtly Kibry's Epic Yarn. Now that is what I call a new spin on something old. Its not just the way the game looks, which its charmingly fantastic by the way, it is the way it plays. I haven't gotten my hands on the bitch, but I can assure anyone, this isn't your Nightmare in Dreamland or Amazing Mirror. This is a beast never seen before. This is a beast, that'll rock your socks.

We did get to see a few DS titles aswell. Now I can't say I cared that much, because sadly, I never played the first Golden Sun game. I had only heard about its greatness at the time, and was unable to afford it along with other games I cared about. Don't hate me world, for I already hate myself.

The last game I care to mention, or can remember at that, is Mickey's something or other(Epic Mickey actually). I've only read a few things about people's opinion of this thing, and all I saw were dazziling insults. For me, however, I am somewhat intrigued by this game. Interested at that. You effect the world and characters around you by either creating, or destroying. To me, I believe, there is possible potential in this title. But since it is Disney, who knows what the fuck it really all means. I do believe they only exist to take our money and hand us crap.

So for today, I'm actaully done, this blog is gonna be to long, and I fear of boring people. I'll write about that 3DS, which I'm in love with, sometime some.... Hopefully.
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