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My What-Just-Happened Gaming Moments.

We�ve all had some weird gaming experiences right? Whether it be glitches, something unexpected, or whatever else, it is very strange. Well, mine might not be as weird as yours, it definitely is What-just-happened. Besides, I can�t remember many�so yea�

5. Experiencing Garry�s Mod for the First time.

Ok, so maybe it isn�t much �What-just-happened�, but I was very amazed and weirded out by the game. I�m not that creative, and I don�t know how to make youtube videos of it either, but it was amazing, and weird in such an odd way.

4. �Initiating Level 3�

In the beginning of Metroid Prime 3, when you first enter the space station, there�s a little shooting practice course you can play. Keep that in mind.

So later on in the game, I get the PED and I go ahead and destroy �dem targets. And the chick monitoring the test was like �You�re good to go.� So, like myself in most videogames, I initiate PED and Phazon-blast the scientist-chick. A turret comes out of the ceiling and says something along the lines of, �Hostile Fire Detected. Please Stand Down�. So it starts shooting me, and I�m like �YEAH, ANOTHER TRAINING COURSE!�. I start shooting it, it blows up. A new one comes down and says �Initiating Level 2.� I�m enjoying it, PED�ing it up. Then it blows up, a new one comes down, and it says, �Initating level 3�. And I�m like, OH YEAH HERE COMES A CHALLENGE.\

The gun starting having a large pink aura come out of it, and then I hear samus go �AHJAHAJFSDGANHJNHYA� and I get the gameover screen. I had to restart from the beginning of Norion.

3. So uh�.what are we doin..?

This happened during Liberty City Stories, GTA I believe. I put in the cheat code to make any car do a bunny hop-bounce-thing. So I wanted to see what would happen if I got on top of buildings I normally couldn�t. So I found a really short building and hopped on there, then to another, then to another. I fell through one of the buildings and ended up in the subway-underground-thing. But the problem was that mine was blocked off in the main area cause I hadn�t unlocked it yet. So I was driving in my car to see if I could get out. One side was blocked by rubble, was the other one led to a gray abyss. So I drove into the gray abyss, and my car just kept falling, then it would appear on top of the gray abyss, and go back down, and go up, then down.

2. Wut now?

As this probably isn�t as weird as the other to some, it�s definitely weird to me. So I was playing Fallout and Burke told me to blow up the bomb. So I did�..

What was I supposed to do now?

So I went through the hotel and killed everyone I could.

I think blowing up megaton is a game over, right? After all, there were all of my leads. What can I do now, I thought. So I sat there, and stopped playing Fallout. After all, I blew up the city with all the quests, I was only level 4 or 5, and I killed everyone in the hotel (I got a lot of health things from the guy who does drugs in Megaton)

1. House of the Glitched 3.

This was definitely weird/strange. Heck, I still have it on my computer just for the lulz.

Anyways, So I have a copy of House of the Dead 3 for my wii, so I figured it�d be okay to just go ahead and get a backup on my computer. My Dad had an old copy, but his was really scratched up.. So I did, and all. But then, I started playing it. It went fine at first, I went to the bio lab in game, and I killed the boss, and I was finishing up that level, the weirdest glitches started happening.

A zombie that was supposed to come out of the ceiling by using a chainsaw just came down from the ceiling. His body wasn�t moving an inch. He was floating towards me and I was like okay. So I kill him. Then here comes a zombie half way cut off in the ground, doing the same thing. He was floating and his body was completely still. And when he attacked, his body turned on it�s side in mid air and hit me like a boomerang. It was amazing. After a few minutes of the glitch session, Vista shut the game off on me. I�d like to get a screenshot if I could, but it�ll have to wait.
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