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7 weeks. Yeah, that's all I've got right now. 7 weeks until the Midwest NARP.

I just sat here and stared at the screen for a good ten minutes trying to think of some humorous way to begin this, then I realized it's far too hot, and I am sober. These are things that should not be. That being the case, I will proceed straight to the point.

The Dtoid Midwest Cedar Point NARP is in less then 2 months! We'll be meeting up at my place (Jon Bloodspray, no no, really ladies, stay calm) in Toledo, OH, from Friday, August 13th, until Sunday, August 15th. That sentence had 8 commas in it. Wow. On Saturday we're going to America's Rollercoast, and as of right now that is the only set event. A suggestion for Friday is lazer tag at this place. Anyone have any ideas?

Onto the guest list. Here's those who have confirmed:


There's about 10 more people on the fence, so I hope to hear of more people confirming in the next few weeks. Also, there is that whole deal with the UK NARP being the same weekend. If we can webcam that shit I think we would win the internets. Or at least have some sexy shirtless time.

In the next week or so I will update with definite prices, directions, list of gaming equipment available, and any other bits of happy horseshit that may be relevant. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to the Cedar Point NARP Thread, the Dtoid Midwest Facebook group, or in the comments.

Sorry for the kind of shit post, but I need a beer.
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