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(In an everlasting attempt to find my blogging style...)

It's 12:55 A.M. Saturday morning. I'm supposed to go to Deam Lake later today, but my girl dog Lucy got fixed, and my parents are worries. I have new swim trunks. Guess I'm swimming in the bathtub. I'll beat my rubber ducky in a race.

So I changed my avatar on here. Gabriel Cunningham, a very intriguing character from the Trauma team game. I like that game. Except when I'm the chick with a bad mouth, and i hear others tell me "HERE COME MORE PATIENTS". Then I'm just like, "I'm cutting through a pole jammed in someone's leg, I'm moving someone's bone into place, while giving another a blood tranfusion."


I hate how the emo-sasuke-i-have-no-emotions-cloud-strife-sephiroth-person has the better surgery missions. Put Gabriel there, take the emo kid and take him out of the game.

Anyways, got stung by a bee today. Wait, did my last thought just make this post VGR? NO IT DIDNT.

Rechargable batteries cost too much. They should charge them for less.

My life savings: $0.47.

People tell me to get a job because I'm 16, but no one understands that BURGER KING STILL ISNT DONE RENOVATING!

I got this new antivirus program. It said "Requires Windows Vista or better". So I bought a Mac.

Just kidding, I have no money. Besides, I like playing video games.

I hate Super mario bros wii. Ya know why? No Mega-giant mushroom like the DS version.

Is the blog VGR? Heellllll No.

My fingernails are long, I should clip them.

I like the song "Africa" by ToTo. But I like the version the people on youtube did better, where they only used their bodies to make the music. I'll prolly get it later.

I want sims 2, but i have sims 3. I don't have 1.5 gigs of ram. So I have to turn down the graphical settings which is one of the hardest things anyone can do. Well, anyone being me.

Still not VGR.
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