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Cactus introduces 'Norrland', 10 copies up for sale


Jonatan "Cactus" S�derstr�m introduced his latest game to the internet a few days ago with a freshly uploaded trailer onto his YouTube page. Norrland was made for the Kulturbygden in Sollefte� art exhibition, where the theme was "K�rlek i Norrland", or "love up north". After watching the short 2 minute trailer, it seems the game is based around one man's solo hunting trip, and whatever shit he gets himself into. The game is coated with Cactus's trademark retro-era graphics and trippy, filth-covered color choice.

Cactus said that this game is all about the atmosphere and style, so if you're expecting anything else than this game isn't for you. What little we do see of the gameplay from the trailer, it seems to play some part as a scrolling shooter/platformer, with a visual style reminiscent of his previous game, Shotgun Ninja. Although there seems to be more than just a platformer on offer, as an underwater swimming level and a solo climbing section can be seen in the trailer. Cactus also says Norrland explores the prejudice that people bare towards country folk. Seeing how that view will be expressed in this game will be an interesting one for sure.

After the exhibition came to an end, Cactus decided to hand-make ten physical copies of Norrland. He's put all of them up for sale on eBay. Seeing how only ten copies exist and that this particular game is from one of the most prolific and adored indie game developers, these auctions will end with a very high price tag. Are you a bad enough indie gamer to score a copy? Well you have less than a week to decide on whether or not you want to bid! I know I'll be trying to get myself one of these rare discs. Check out the trailer and eBay auctions below.

Bid on 1 of the 10 copies of Norrland!
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