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Anti Activision/Treyarch�?

(NOTE: Throughout this blog, the term �Activision/Treyarch� will be replaced by �A/T�)

This is something I�m really bothered about nowadays, and it�s really pointless. Cause what does being Anti-A/T accomplish? Nothing. Maybe a personal victory, but it�s a very small one that does roughly nothing to affect your future. One of my friend�s in RL is Anti-Treyarch, and here�s his reasoning.

I didn�t like WaW.

I pulled one hand up, drew it so very close to his face, and stopped and relaxed. I hate it when someone will say �I hate ----- because (Example here, but only ONE instance.)�

And he acts like Treyarch can�t get any better. They can. If they KEEP on messing up CoD games or start doing good and plummet (Square enix, lololol), then sure, boycott Treyarch.

Like my relative hates mc. Donalds just cause a worker flipped them off. That doesn�t mean all Mc Donalds are terrible. It just means she had a bad time there.

Evil devil-worshipping satanic cult, or maybe people who like money a bit too much?

Then, there are those who say �I refuse to support activision because they�re dicks�

Realize that by doing this, you�re shutting yourself from (1) Bungie�s new franchise (2) The Music-Game Industry (3) Call of Duty (4) Etc. Yeah�well�okay. You�re not doing crap if you just don�t wanna support them. MW 2 sold over 20 million copies. And you think them without $60 is gonna hurt them? Lolololol. Alright, organize a squad of a million people to boycott the next few Activision games. They still have more money than you can ever DREAM OF. Organize the entire 4chan community, and Activision will STILL WIN. All you do, by boycotting A/T, is bother yourself because you�ll be missing out on some great games. I�ll agree, Activision is dicks. But they already have a LOT of mainstream games out there.

And now EA is adding the $10 online fee, you�re pretty much going to have to get used to this whole trend-of-money. The problem here is that it�s a recession. EA is going bankrupt while we�re going bankrupt, so while they increase prices, we still cant afford them, and it�s a circle of �OOPS� that we can�t escape.

So if you�re anti-Activision because they like money, get over it and grow up. Watch. 100s of companies will be doing surely the same thing. As an example of a few companies making prices rise, EA, and PS3�s new internet gold thing, and even the WII, is talking about an online fee. What Activision did to Infinity Ward is crap, but seriously, it�s not strange in this time and era. Cause I mean, if you work for me and increase my profits to make me super rich, then you wanna leave me and keep the profits? You wanna tell me no �this� or no �that�? Well, you�re fired. How about that?

Tl;Dr edition:

- Activision being greedy just gets more attention for being the first to do it. Soon, more companies will be doing the same (EA, Sony, Nintendo, ETC). What do you expect? People love money.
- Give Treyarch another chance, because there may be improvement in the next CoD

Money is good, and yeah.
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