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Magic: Fail of the Planeswalkers PC

As some may know, Duel of the Planewalkers came out on PC via Steam. Well, sort of. I was one of those people eagerly refreshing the storefront to plunk down some money (three days after the listing went live, you could actually preorder it. Three days AFTER they announced the preorder bonuses, pay attention, this is a trend).

Yesterday, before work, I thought I could install it and play over lunch. No dice, it was a delayed launch. So over lunch, I thought I would install it to play after work. No dice. The install option, despite many people on the forums talking about gameplay, wouldn't unlock until I restarted my system.... WHAT?!? *sigh* So I installed, annouyed that my lunch plans were delayed. Come home after work and Woot, the game is installed. Now I can finally play.

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