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Gamers are the cause of future technology, not secret agents

The recent unveiling and demonstrations of Kinect and the 3DS have made me realize that the future as seen in movies are coming upon us. A lot of us have seen Minority Report, right? In that movie, we get to see some government agent type dudes work a cool looking computer with their movements. The interface seems to be in 3D, too. In other movies, we also see people who are in a sense "elite" (such as being the best of the best of some super secret organization) getting set up with gear that displays things in 3d. Well guess what? It is we, the gamers, who are bringing the future seen in these movies to reality, not some super suave, super slick, secret agent man.

Before I get ahead of myself, I'd like to point out that my thoughts are based on IF Kinect and the 3DS work like they are supposed to. If so, then that means that it is because of gamers that future tech is becoming a reality and if not then this is gonna be a Wii fiasco all over again. But I'm hopeful.

They way I see the world, I always thought that it is people in suits with high positions in high places that dictate the flow of the future. Us everyday people kind of just go along with things, I mean, what do our puny little opinions mean to someone who can just slap down money and make things happen, right? Kinect and the 3DS are making me see things differently. These products are driven by us, the gamers. It is because of our need, our HUNGER for new, innovative ways to play games that these products exist. It isn't some secret agent who needs a cool watch that displays things in spiffy 3D. It isn't some suit who thinks that it's about time movies became a reality. It is us who are bringing about the first steps into what could be a future with technology seen in movies like Minority Report, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

I am imaging a future where lots of things are controlled with Kinect like controls or everyone has a 3DS that serves as phone, camera, computer, etc. In that future, our grandkids might ask me,

"Hey, granddad Jomonoe, what was it like to play games with only buttons? What was it like when your computer couldn't read you movements, hear your voice?"

I might say,

"Well, it was alright, stuff got dirty a lot faster, that's for sure. My keyboard, ugh. But you know who drove the demand for stuff that you kids enjoy nowadays? No, it wasn't someone particularly important. No, it wasn't a secret agent man. It was us, the gamers. We asked, and Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony delivered. Oh, you don't know about the start of the 3DS and Kinect? Well, it all started with this awesome E3 press conference..."
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