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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 200th DS Game & Backlog of Games Edition!

Dag yo! Itís Funktastic once again, with another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Youíd think by now Iíd have a banner or something for my series, but well, Iím busy/lazy! Hahaha! We have a ďspecialĒ edition today as I am sharing with you the celebration of my 200th . . . freaking TWO HUNDREDTH DS game!!! Holy hell do I have a lot of DS games! The crazy thing is, whenever I look at my collection of DS games, I find maybe only 5 Ė 10 ďbadĒ ones, otherwise every other one is like a quality title or rare!

Iíve changed things up a bit for this edition, as Iíve seriously got to get caught up with my backlog of stuff I have to add to my collection file. Instead of splitting up my pictures into the places of where I got the games, Iím cheating for the next little while and just grouping them by console, which saves me a lot of time and sorting for pictures. Another possible negative is that Iím somewhat doing games separate from guides and swag as this will let me focus on things easier and just get everything out of the way. Still, for my regular readers, hopefully it wonít be too much of a drastic change, for everyone else, enjoy!

*NOTE* This is an accumulation of games that Iíve obtained over the past 2 Ė 3 months . . . possibly 4 . . . >_<

The game that has the honor of being my 200th DS game belongs to the ever elusive and extremely fun and unique title of Electroplankton! Iíve actually been hunting for this title for a few years. I had a chance to buy it when it originally came out, a fair number of years ago, but decided to wait for it to drop in price. Back then, I was quite a naÔve teenager and wasnít really in collector mode yet, and didnít realize that Nintendo games like NEVER go down in price and that this was actually a limited print. All these years later, my good friend Kade who is in Hongcouver for DJ/audio school, called me randomly a couple months back and told me he found a copy for me. About a month later, he secretly got it dropped into my mailbox, complete with Club Nintendo register card and all. Iíd like to give a big heartfelt shout-out to him and make sure he knows that I REALLY appreciate him still keeping an eye out for me, and that I really miss him! =(

Here are some more DS games that Iíve gotten over the last little while. We have Ragnarok DS, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits, and The Rub Rabbits! I got the former and the latter from my super awesome store of Cash Converters, while yet another Atlus game came brand new from EB Games, plus I got the replacement soundtrack. Modern Hits came cheap from a clearance sale from Best Buy!

So, my buddy sylphx says I really have to go into Monster Hunter Tri and I really wish I had the time to! He says itís pretty addictive and from what I saw at the Monster Hunter Tri Sleepover that Destructoid HQ had, it does look pretty slick! Talking about Monster Hunter now makes me all sad since I didnít win a Mr. Omnomnom . . . T_T As you can see though, I got the version that had a Classic Controller Pro bundled with it. That came from EB Games, while Muramasa: The Demon Blade came from Best Buy for a whopping $5! Sealed, kickass, somewhat uncommon game for cheap? Hells yeah! I actually picked up 3 copies at that price, one of which Iím keeping, another that Iíve traded away on Goozex, and the third to see if anyone wants to trade anything for it, when I EVENTUALLY get around to re-launching my trading thread!

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade came from good old Cash Converters, and I feel that theyíre somewhat whoring the series out, but . . . itís freaking Harvest Moon! Plus, if they keep releasing games and having farm animal plushies as pre-order bonuses (at least in the States, but luckily I have connections! ^_^), I say bring it on! Another good buddy, Zoel, also says to keep an eye on Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, as he says itís nothing short of stellar so far! I also managed to snag Little Kingís Story at a reduced price and Cursed Mountain at clearance price from Best Buy as well. I can firmly say that if I get a chance to console game again, I will be giving the former a good run for its money!

It feels strange to say that Iíve been getting a lot of my games from Best Buy lately, but with the deals theyíve been having, I guess itís hard to hold back. They had a buy 2 select titles get them for a stupid good price deal, so I decided to finally pick up LittleBigPlanet (Game of the Year Edition might I add) and God of War Collection.

Here are more stupid good deals from Best Buy, minus the last one, as thatís from EB Games. Best Buy decided to price a bunch of PSP games that have been around for a while to a measly $10, so I decided to go crazy and pick up Patapon 2 (bullshit how itís purely DLC, but I had the first one, so I need this one . . . -_-Ď), LocoRoco 2, and PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe. Iíll actually give that last one a good run pretty soon, as I freaking LOVE tower defence games! Finally, we have yet another farming title in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley!

So, youíll be hearing of something called Otafest from me (un)fortunately in my next couple posts, as I managed to get some sweet stuff from it. Itís pretty much an anime convention with some gaming stuff intertwined with it. Due to the fact itís on a much smaller scale than something like PAX or Sakuracon I chose not to go, as well as the fact I found it to be fairly overpriced, plus I just CANNOT deal with very POORLY dressed cosplay people of Japanime, who get overexcited whenever they see like ANYTHING. It would cause me to go into an uncontrollable rage and use my fist of death on everyone within my vicinity. Luckily, I had a friend, Grimstar (of which he just joined the site yesterday), take my money, and go buy stuff for me. As you can see, I made out pretty well, and this isnít even all of it. We have some in box ChuChu Rocket!, Double Dragon Advance (Atlus baby!), Super Puzzle Fighter II (which happens to be a PAL version, of which I found out upon further inspection), Pokťmon Blue Version (for a game thatís like 12 years old, finding a copy with a box in a condition like this is incredible!), and some Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django! Go Kojima with his ďoddballĒ games!

Ah, back to the lovely familiarity of Cash Converters! ^_^ To end off this edition, we have Black Stone: Magic & Steel (which I picked up, since Diamond Dave said he had never seen it in the store before, and it looked like a JRPG, which I only discovered it was a pretty abysmal game when I got home . . . >_<), Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (of which I now own both of them), and Guilty Gear X2 #Reload!

Well that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. Weíll see what comes up in the next one. Comments here may affect what road I go down, whether it be another games one, or a posters and guides one, or a pure swag one, weíll see! Also, the GREATEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE WORLD is on right now! WORLD CUP baby! So, Iíll be busy watching that as well, as I also collect football memorabilia . . . I collect too much stuff! >_< Hahaha! GO BRAZIL! Latez mates!
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