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[ SOCOM bitches!! - Host: Me, k0wb0y-b33b0p as I am known on PSN Time - 12pm to whenever EST ]

Bring it, Men! Join me, k0wb0y-b33b0p and Co to see how we roll. The SOCOM Destructoid Clan is still up and operational ( aching to play this game once again ) and being a member is just a comment placed here away. I will be your host and it's only fitting that Midnight is the time we stomp our Navy Seal boots on the neck of our opposition. Join us , Soldier!!

[ Blogger's Note: As is NOT typical MAG will be a thing that will NOT happen tonight due to our old schooless vibe. Instead WARHAWK might be. Due to teams, and or differing hosts, know that all you have to do is leave your PSN tag below and someone from the Dtoid WARHAWK clan will present you with info and an invitation. Elsa is nice like that. ]
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