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What I've been up to. (Spy Remotes, MP 1, etc.)

I haven't really been doing much this week, but I did get my hands on a "Spy" remote capable of turning off nearly any TV.

It....works. Surprisingly. For $8 I was impressed. But the few problems are, that not all of the buttons on there are universal (By this, I mean that you can Turn the power off on any TV, that works with all of them. But stuff like Channel Up/Down might have a different function depending on what TV), and the fact that the remote is VERY plastic-y. Which is sort of a good thing, seeing as it makes buttons not make noise. But it's just...no. The battery is also cleverly hidden, and runs off a really strange one that I hardly use

Like that...

I tried it out at school and in wal-mart. Worked both places. The teacher thought her tv was possessed. The n when others around me found out i was messing with the TV, they started laughing and drew attention to me. Then the teacher was behind me, making sure I wasnt doing anything.

And Yesterday I beat Metroid Prime 1 for the first time ever. I had it back for GC, and I had collected 5 of the artifacts and the save data went corrupt on me. The Metroid Prime fight was pretty nice, and until this point I had no idea how Phazon Samus was born.

The other day I walked outside for 2 hours picking up applications. I got Dairy Queen, Burger King, Mr. Gattis, and Subway. I tried Target, but their applications are done on a computer. So I was liek...yahh..

Been spamming Lockerz's videos lately. After I did all the math, I realized that it would take me about 200 days to get an Ipad.

The Apple Ipad is 3675 ptz
I have 452 ptz
which equals... -------- 3223ptz
I get 4 ptz a day for answering a daily and Logging In.

3223 / 4 = 806 days


So, let's say I watch 2 videos a day... ( 1 vid = 2 ptz)

3223 / 8 = 403

Now in intervals of 2 videos a day

3223 / 4 = 806 days ( 0 vids per Day)
3223 / 8 = 403 days ( 2 vids per Day)
3223 / 12 = 269 days ( 4 vids per Day)
3223 / 16 = 202 days ( 6 vids per Day)
3223 / 20 = 162 days ( 8 vids per Day)
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