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Now Loading: The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming

Now Loading: The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming

Stray Observations:

* - I was blown away by some of the old Sega music. Is it me, or is Sega (despite the shitty soundchip in the Genesis) responsible for what are hands down some of the best video-game soundtracks of all time? Oddly enough it seemed like lot of those old songs from share a distinct style. Listening to some of the tunes in the various games, I was instantly reminded of songs in Outrun and Afterburner, which weren't even in the compilation. Disclosure: I left the title screen of Phantasy Star II cycling in the background during chores just so I can hear that kick-ass opening theme. Yes, I know I'm a nerd.

* Digital voice samples in old Sega games are the best things ever. Besides the already famous lines such as, "Welcome to your doom!," the sound a character made when dying in most games was just priceless. I never got tired of hearing the sweet distorted sound of that digital "ARGGGGHHHH" in games like Golden Axe and Streets of Fury. Especially the female shriek that sounds more like a seagull in its death throes than any sound a human being is even capable of making.

* Demon's Souls is so damn good I actually considered choosing that as my main game. There were a couple of factors regarding why I chose Red Dead Redemption. First, I wanted to play something other than an RPG since I just finished one. I also wanted something to provide me with a lot of those odd unexpected open world moments. I'm especially in a mood for something where I could just ignore the main quest and run around and do my own thing (something I had trouble doing with FFXIII.) The fact that it's a game a lot of other people are playing, talking and writing about atm also had a lot to do with it.

* Seriously SEGA!? I have to unlock games in the compilation? Seriously? Come on that's just silly. What a bad move on Sega's part.

* Hydorah has some hilariously awesome Spanish-accented voice acting.

* I spend way too much time playing poker in Red Dead Redemption.

* I'm also still playing Nethack on my iPhone but didn't mention it here since I just started up a new series called 'Nethack Adventures.' You can check out the first entry here. Look for another entry sometime this week.

Lazaro Cruz is still wearing his red Thriller style jacket from the 1980s but has long since cut his Jheri Curls. In his free time he enjoys overdosing on trashy B-movies, siccing his dog on Mormon proselytizers that visit him at home and founding a new religion based on the principles espoused within Kung Fu movies. You can email him at [email protected] or check out his twitter feed at http://twitter.com/LazaroCruz.
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