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A Gift to the Community: Legend of Zelda/Cave Story Theme (Updated with links)

If you couldn't tell, this is a series now. The reason it took me so long to make more is because I got a new computer with Windows 7, and could not run the current version of the Theme Maker I used. I just recently found a beta for the new version, and have been using that. Anyways, on to the themes!

Note: These are PS3 themes, by the way.

Theme 1: Legend of Zelda

Download Link

This theme was done a while ago for ScaryWomanizingPigMask. A pretty simple theme, but it works. Wish I could have done more, but most of the stuff I found that I could have used were too small. I will one day go back to this and make a more detailed version.

Important Note:
Be sure to read the instructions in each ZIP file. For those confused as to what to do: Go into the ZIP file and take out the PS3 folder. Stick it on a flash drive, and then put the flash drive in the PS3. Go to Theme Settings on the PS3 and use the install option. The rest is cake.

So, that's all for now. Instructions are on the DeviantArt page (I use it out of convenience), so be sure to follow them. There will be another pack of themes coming your way in the next few days, so look forward to those. As for its contents:
2 Kingdom Hearts Themes
A LoZ: Wind Waker Theme
A Gurren Lagaan Theme
And a Darkstalkers theme

I may not get all of those in the next one, but I will definitely get most of them. If you have any requests, feel free to post them here or in the topic.

ALSO: An update to the Demon's Souls theme is in the works. There will be a few new icons, a better background, and perhaps some custom sounds in it. Look forward to that.[url]
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