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Do you really care what other people think about your favorite hobby?

Before we begin this bullshit I call a blog, let's go over my situation for tonight. My loving wife has left me alone for the night, having decided to take the kids to her mom's. This is my gift for letting her dyke it out with her lesbian friend last night while I put the kids to bed and then watched basketball and baseball before masturbating and going to sleep. So I've downed two of these Monster Energy Shot things, which are like 3 oz and packed with enough caffeine and vitamin b12 to kill many small animals, and then I followed that up with about half a liter of vodka. But don't worry, I won't make you read some ridiculously slurred typing, because real drunk people don't actually type like morons. Instead I'll make you read this ridiculously ridiculous rant about not needing to be accepted. The idea for this came from reading one Beverly Noelle's blog about the shitty ad campaign Activision has used for Blur. No, I won't link you to it, because that would require more work than I am prepared to do. So sit down, shut up, and find her blog by yourself. It's a good one and worthy of the read, you lazy fuckhead.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand. Acceptance! We all crave it, right? WRONG, bitches. In fact, not craving to be accepted is supposed to be like the fucking hallmark of a truly grown up and mature geek. I thought we were supposed to hate on those so-called "posers" who think they're special because they're popular or well liked? I know, that idea in itself is a ridiculously immature viewpoint from my high school years, but it's still a noble view to have and if you disagree go eat a throbbing cock. Think about it for just one minute. Do you really give two shits if your boss or your parents or that hot chick down the street think highly of your hobby of choice? Well, maybe the hot chick, but the other two? No, you don't. Not if you're a mature adult who is secure in their beliefs and ideals. You shouldn't need some asshole who thinks he's better than you because he "has better things to do than play games because there for kids" to fucking co-sign your opinion. What you think is what you think, and so long as what you believe doesn't hurt anybody, then to hell with the naysayers.

Besides, games will get there in the end. It'll take a long time, mainly because games are too fucking expensive for the true mainstream consumer to buy a lot of them, but also because old people are still alive. One day they will die and you will be the new old person, and if you're a true-blue gamer you'll be supporting your grandchildren and their gaming habits, not grudgingly and regretfully buying them what they want just because you want them to be happy. You'll do it because you know that it's a great way to spend 10 hours of their life not doing bad things like killing people or stealing stuff. Because YOU know that games have value and aren't just a total waste of our time (sometimes). Because you know that games can touch people in ways that other forms of media just can't manage, like the feeling you get when you cut people in half on your 50 inch flat screen, or when you, yes YOU, killed all those giant things to save the one you love.

The point of this is that there really is no point. You don't need one. You don't need validation, you don't need an excuse to enjoy yourself. You can do whatever the fuck you want, If some people think you're immature or lack ambition or some BS like that, tell them to eat a cock sandwich, or even better just forget them and keep playing games. You're just trying to have a good time, and you're not hurting anyone. You don't need somebody to validate your lifestyle.

Anyway, this could be the first of multiple blogs I peddle to you guys tonight, so be prepared for some more crap like this. It'll only get less coherent as the night goes on. You've been warned.

Also, I love you all. You're beautiful.
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