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Will you people grow the hell up?

Look, nobody says you have to like or even enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nobody is force feeding it to you with a fucking spoon or any other apparatus. Nobody is forcing you to play these so-called "kiddie" games. All we ask is that you show a little fucking respect and stop getting upset that people are enjoying the damn game. I tire of hearing people complain about it's lack of story or it's lack of mature themes, as if ripping people in half and blowing their heads off is really mature subject matter.

When did gaming become like going to the movies? Sure, I can understand you not wanting to see the newest Shrek film, for reasons beyond it's dubious quality. But to hate a game because it's colorful and happy and primarily about having a good time? Now that's immature. It seems a lot of you need some sort of history lesson, one which I'm not going to give you because I've got better things to do. But I will remind you that this great pastime we call gaming did not start with beautiful hi-def graphics and amazingly epic stories to tell. It started with simple shit like preventing a ball from going off the screen with a paddle. Remember Pong? Yeah, that shit was so mature and epic.

It scares me that gamers are seemingly more interested in graphics and stories than actual gameplay. I think we've finally reached that point where we are willing to deal with bad gameplay just to see something that looks cool. That's not to say that games like Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3 are not fun; On the contrary, they are lots of fun. And there is a place for them in the gaming landscape. But let's be honest with ourselves: If we replace the violence and the epic stories and all that shit with "kiddie" stuff and just let those games survive on gameplay alone, nobody would want to play them. Hell, I'm a self-professed God of War fanboy, but even I know that half the satisfaction and fun is derived from the visual reward that accompanies my twirling blades cutting into people. The gameplay is great, but would be merely "good" without the decapitations and all that good stuff.

But in games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, the fun isn't found in the visual rewards. It comes from the perfect mechanics, the simplicity of it all. It's just a blast to play. It doesn't need violence nor a story to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's gameplay stands on it's own merits, much like Tetris and other classic games from the 80s, including the original Mario games. It's a shining example of the "gameplay over graphics" argument that so many of us champion around here.

I know I'm kind of ranting and raving here, but I only have a few more minutes until baseball starts and I just needed to get this off my chest. If I've got more time later perhaps I'll expand upon these thoughts with more evidence and more clarity.

But for now, don't forget the reason we play games: To have fun. Not to feel like a bad ass or see cool shit, which can be a part of it, but mostly to have FUN.

So go have some fucking fun, and stop bitching about everything. It's immature and childish to judge a game based on what you see. If you don't enjoy Mario after playing it, that's cool. But don't you dare shit on the rest of just because we're mature adults who can enjoy things for what they are.

Note: Don't get offended and be a bitch because of my title. Clearly I don't mean everyone on Dtoid, and I know that some of you are respectful in your comments about not being a fan of Mario. This is for the assholes who think they're more mature because they don't like stuff like this. You know who you are, and you'll probably be miserable close-minded fuckheads for the rest of your life. Oh well.
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